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DPS II : Gage E's Version.

The next day, Knox went to a convenient store, after leaving the academy due to previous events. He bought a tea as well as a lottery ticket. After winning the jackpot of 436.5 million, he bought his own academy, giving deanship to Keating. Shortly thereafter, he fell heavy into drugs and alcohol, and ended up dying in an alley, ironically, next to a box of old poetry books.

Oh Captain

After everybody stands up for the teacher, somebody shoots up the school board.

Day After

In the good spirit of fantastic realism and it's blessed existence, what most likely happened is the students who gave support to their English teacher were expelled.

DP Society

The kids kill the dean then have MrKeating come back and run it. The End

Oh, Captain, My Captain

After standing up on the desks and standing for what they believe in, the next day all the students stand up against Mr. Nolan and keep the boys from being suspended. Mr. Nolan is fired for jumping straight to conclusion and not doing more research and then firing Mr. Keating without knowing the whole truth. Then in the end, Neil was just acting the entire time. He was trying to prove to his parents that he is a great actor and that is what he should be doing, and he has feelings and isn't a three year old anymore and can make his own choices.

The next day...

The boys in the Dead Poet's society lined up all the teachers and had a shooting contest. Also they sent Cameron to Uganda where he was captured by Kony and was put into his child army and died.

Dead Poet's Society... next day

The boys ran away and went into the sewer. They ventured forth and found a rat that looked Asian. He asked them if they wanted to get a shower. But then they got into the shower and turned into turtles! They became TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. And fought crime across the U.S. and Wilton Academy.

A New Ending

Mr. Nolan could not make the boys sit back down. Mr. Keating was already out the door and Mr. Nolan went after him begging for him to come back and make the boy's cooperate again. Mr. Keating said "I will only come back if you will let me teach in my own way." Mr. Nolan had agreed but of course wasn't happy about it. With in a week Mr. Keating was back a teaching again and everything is almost back to normal now. But without Neil nothing will ever be the same.

The Dead Poets Society

I was gone for the first half of the movie but out of what I did see I think that the boys will not get expelled. They stood up for their teacher Mr. Keating even though Mr. Nolan was going to expel them for standing on the desks. They will probably get to stay at school because if they all get expelled then that is a lot of money lost. I think Mr. Keating would get to stay and become their teacher again.

The Dead Poets Next Day

The next day, after realizing that the students really respected Mr. Keading, Mr. Nolan lets him keep his job as the english teacher. Once they came into English that day they all came together and have a beat down on the Cameron kid and I mean a beat down, they physically beat the ginger out of him. He ended up not saying anything to the dean and dropped out of Wilton Academy.

Dead Poet's Society ending

I think what should of happened was that the boys that stood on the desk were taken to the headmasters office and all got expelled.  Then they realized that that amount of pressure they were under to be in that school wasn't worth it. So they enrolled in public school and pursued there dreams in honor of Neil. They all hated Cameron for being the Judas of the group.

The End.

I think to End this video there should be a new rule letting girls into the school, and I also think they should keep having the Dead Poets Society. The ending alone for the video sucked.. 

The Dead Poets Society

The day following Mr. Keatings removal all of the boys Knox, Neil, Todd, and Charlie convinced the whole student body to protest. After many days of riots and allegations Mr. Nolan is forced to retire his  role. Mr. Keating returns to not only teach English, but also to take over as head master of Wilton Academy.
The day after everyone stood on top of their desks was the day Mr. Keating decided to start his own school for English/Poetry. Mr.Keating with the help of his former students and Nuwanda started the school for boys/girls of poetry.

DPS bloggy thingy

Mr. Nolan and Mr. Keaton had a rap battle. Mr. Keating won and got to stay and Mr. Nolan got kicked out. Later on Mr. Nolan got arrested for drug possession. The students graduated and them and Mr. KEating lived happily ever after.

If Neil's dad was nice, Neil wouldn't of shot himself.

Dead Poet Society

The next day after it all happened the students get in trouble. They get 10 beating each and they have to write an apology letter to their teacher. Also, Mr Keating gets fired and gets told to leave immediately. Neil's parents try to press charges against Mr. Keating, however they realized that it was Mr. Keatings fault at all. It was really theirs for not letting him follow his dreams.

The next day..

The school board figured they would lose money if they expelled all the boys in the class. And the boys protested saying they wouldn't come back to the school if they didn't have Mr. Keating as their English teacher. So in the end the school asks Mr. Keating to come back to teach at the school. Everything was a happy ending. And they ended up frolicking up Main Street in Walt Disney World to celebrate. In class they would often have conversations about Neil and help each other through the loss.
The next day...Mr. Keating got a call from the school saying he was being rehired. They seen how the kids reacted to him, they noticed that the boys were actually enjoying English class with him so they rehired him

The next day.

The MR. Nolan got beat up by all the people who stood up and say "Good day to you sir!" Nuwanda came back Pitts rubbed his pitts in his face and Mr. Keating came back to teach another day.

My Ending

The next day I would have Mr. Nolan expel all the boys but right before he does, he gets fired. The boys would get to stay in school with no punishment. I would also have Mr. Keating get to have his job back and everybody would be happy again.

The dead poet society

I'm changing the ending of the movie to where each of the "Dead Poet Society" members gang up on the "principle" and beat him up. He becomes overwhelmed with this and resigns and "Captain" becomes the new "principle". Mr. Keating changes the teaching methods to his own and everything ends up happy ever after.
The next day the students wait in their rooms to find out their punishment. The principal calls them down to in form them that they are being suspended for not listening, but when they return they will have their English teacher back. The principal realizes that they respect him and that he did good as a teacher.

Later The Next Day Of The Dead Poets

The next day at school, the dean  tries to get them out of this school  but i doesn't work because the board members don't see a reason to where they need to be expelled.  The dean of the school finally realized that  he could not just make people leave the school.  Later on Knox  wins the girl and he goes to her prom  but to respond to her  saying yes  through a poem  inspired by Mr. K. They eventually bring back Mr. K  because he didn't  do anything  to make  neil  shoot himself.

The End.

In writing the end, I have to start at the beginning of the end, not necessarily re-writing, just a bit of review.

As for how I stand on Nial's death, I DON'T like it. But it happened, and we're sticking to the facts as far as possible. It was his father's fault, because he didn't believe in him. YOU WILL do this and YOU WILL do that and YOU WILL be a doctor, something you aren't even relatively interested in. But it wasn't the most important part. It was the YOU WON'T that really pulled the trigger.

And of course, after his son's death, Nial's father needed someone or something to blame it on, someone not himself. He simply couldn't admit that he is wrong. His words and his force caused his son to kill himself. Thus, the inquiry on Mr. Keating. A man that told the boy what anyone else would. He told the boy to follow his dreams.

The Dead Poet's Society wasn't "bad" how we think of it. It was a decent thing.

And now onto the ending:

The Dead Poet's Society continues meeting, even in the absence of Mr. Keating, who gave it a small push, but really, it snowballed, rolling and rolling until it gets bigger and bigger and so many things really depend on it to keep rolling.

However, all the original members have quit. They voluntarily left the school, leaving it all behind. Nobody meets them anymore, any of them left alive have different names, different lives. Some of them had even ran away, to be later reported dead.

The Dead Poet's Society. Dead Poet's. Dead Poet. Dead.

What really happened

This ending sucked. I had no idea what happened at the end, except they all stood on desks and felt like rebels. . . The ginger kid should of gotten his teeth knocked back into his face for lying and saying it was all Mr. Keading's fault, it wasn't his fault what-so-ever. But whatever, oh and what happened to Oglestree (or whatever his name is) and that one chick, did they get together? Cause if he did, kudos to him! Well, thats it, I just wish it didn't end at a random point. I would of ended it by them shooting up the school with Keading and Charlie Sheen like their acting a scene from Platoon. And Keading becomes Dumbledore and the commander of the Sharship Enterprise. Thats what happens the next day
The next day at Wilton there are expulsion papers to sign by every student that stood up. Mr. Keating is gone at Welton and things have returned to normal except for it will soon be missing a lot of students. If the Dead Poet's Society can get their hands on Cameron he will pay the price of telling the truth. This same thing might happen again at the school if someone else heard about the society.

Dead Poet's Society

After Mr. Keating left the room, all the boys who stood up got expelled. There were only 7 boys left in that class. The boys who got suspended were sent to other private schools, or as in Knox’s case a public school, (where Chris attended). Their parents cut their children some slack now because they felt that Neil’s parents were to blame for his cause of suicide. They thought that they put way to much pressure on him and didn’t let him make his own decisions in life. All the boys went out and pursued their own dreams, and Tod became an English teacher at a public school. He kept in touch with Mr. Keating.

a much better ending

Everyone in Mr. Keating's English class walked out of the door and threw their books at Mr. Nolan. Then Mr. Keating took all of the students who stood up for him out for pizza and ice cream. They celebrated and had a big party. Nox met Chris at the pizza place with her boyfriend (the mean jock) was. Nox walked right up to him and punched him square in the face. Chris got up and walked out with Nox and everyone else. After that they all brought Neil some nice and pretty flowers and built him a snowman by his grave. Then all the students, Mr. Keating, and Chris went back to their Dead Poets society hideout, smoked some pipes, and wrote poems!


The next day at Wilton, would be, different, to say the least. If I were Mr. Nolan, I would never have fired Mr. Keating because there was no actual proof that he caused Neil's death. Also, he helped Neil feel happy about himself when he was acting. It was his father, being a selfish person that caused Neil's death. In the end, yes, it was Neil's choice. But his father definitely contributed to his suicide. His father, so many words that I would like to say to him. He was inconsiderate about his son's choices, and wanted him to be exactly as he thought he should be.

O Captain, My Captain♥

    The next day the principal, Mr. Nolan, would have been fired because he couldn't keep control of his class. Mr. Keating would have been re-hired, and the kids would have had him back for a teacher. Kris and Knox would have gotten together. (: 
    I think that they boys would continue the Dead Poet's Society meetings in Neil's honor. I think that Cameron would transfer to a different school because he wasn't very well liked after ratting out all of the boys. 
   All in all, I think the ending could have been better than what it was. I think what I have would be a great alternate ending. (:                                                                        
                                                                                                                       ✌ ♥☺--
                                                                                      Mackenzie (:

What Happens Next...

     I think that Mr. Keating will leave and the school will go on like normal but Mr. Keating will go back to cave where the students held the Dead Poets Society and reminisce about the old days. Then all the kids would meet and find him and they would talk about what happened in the old days and everything would be awesome from then on. And everyone dies later on in life like normal people.

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Mr. Keating- This non-conformance teacher moves to a different private school, and continues to teach students to think for themselves.
Kris And Knox- Unfortunately, Kris still can't chose Knox over her current love, and she finds herself a married rich housewife five years later.
Niel's Parents- They start a charity in Niel's name, which helps to keep the school running, and keep away teachers like Mr. Keating.
Cameron- Cameron becomes a lawyer, after learning he's very good at turning on people, and lying.
The Dead Poet's Society- Stays an underground society, pushing students to think for themselves, until the very final days of Walton Academy.


mr keading comes back and blows up the entire school but first shoots camaron in the face and the other people of the sociaty get out and start a cult with keading as there leader

Wilton Highschool

At Wilton Highschool I think that the next day they are going to let Mr. Keating come back and teach English. I also think that Knox and Chris are going to start dating. I also thing that all the boys that stood up are not going to be expelled, the teacher who was teaching them when it happened is going to be fired. All the boys are going to keep the Dead Poets society together and Mr. Keating is going to joint he Dead Poets society and he is going to be the leader. 

What happens next

I think that the next day all the board members will meet again, and go back over the case with Mr. Keeting. And they will realize that all of the kids like him, and that they did wrong by firing him, and they will hire him back. Then They will realize that Neil was just under so much stress from his father. That is why he ended up killing himself. Not anything to do with Mr. Keeting or the Dead Poets society. That is how I would personally rewrite the ending of this story.

What happens next

What will happen next is They will take the old principle to court so Mr.Keading can get his job back. And they can claim they were false alligations and they were forced to sign that. And they can all be happy again. And Cameron will get expelled for telling them the false statements.

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Next days resolution of the dead poets

Oh Captain my Captain, As the men stand on their desks, Standing for what they believe in, Standing for what is right. Mr. Keating overwhelmed with emotion. They then throw their text books at the administrator's feet and begin to protest to get Mr. Keating back. As he still doesn't listen, and still believes that Mr.Keating didn't teach the students anything with his unusual teaching methods and should be banished and blamed for everything that has happened. The students one by one start naming off poets, everything they know and learned from Mr. Keating. While standing their baffled, speechless. He just looks at them standing motionless like a statue. As the awkward silence drew on the administrator dismissed the class quickly but asked to speak to Mr. Keating alone. Next day came to a beginning, dreading for their class without their captain. They piled into class not knowing what to expect. So far the classroom was teacherless, 15 mins go by, 25mins.. As the dean and a few staff members scurry into the room with Mr. Keating following behind. The students become antsy to hear what there is to say. All in all Mr. Keating was able to teach again and for many years to come. And the Dead poets society lives through each of his students.

Dead Poets Society

Well, first off, the Dead Poets Society is an amazing movie and I'm glad that we watched it. I think that the next day the people that had stood up were expelled. Maybe some of the students parents tried to protest it, but in the end the dead poets society was gone and lost forever until the next week when several other students restarted the group. This time they were much more secretive, had blood oaths, and every saturday they sacrificed a chicken to please the dead poets. The Group later turned into a cult and was soon shut down due to the lack of chickens available. THE END (:

Oh, Captain, my Captain!

After Mr. Keating left, the students had an uneventful day. The following day, however, the Dead Poets Society met one final time in honor of Neil and Mr. Keating. They recited poems that they had written about Neil and Mr. Keating. Then, they never met again.

Next Day....

The next day, all the kids don't get suspended! The teacher comes back, and rules the school, and all the kids become very great kids!

The Next Day

The next day the teacher gets rehired because Neil was just acting. He did that because he wanted to prove to his parents that he was good enough to be an actor. The administer ends up getting fired and all the students end up joining The Dead Poets Club.

What happens to the dead poet society?

I think that they get expelled and they go to a different and WAY better school.

To be continued...

The next day the whole school stands up against Mr. Nolan and keeps the boys from being suspended for their actions. Then after lots of convincing and lawyers getting involved, Mr. Keating gets rehired and becomes the head of the school. He fires all of the teachers and administrators that accused him of being responsible for Neil's suicide. Then he expels Cameron for being a jerk. In the end he turns the whole school into Dead Poets and Todd gets to be in charge of all of them since he cared so much about Neil. In the end, everyone lives happily ever after...except for Neil.

P.S. Eventually Kris and Knox get together, but it takes a really long time.

Next Day

They cannot all be kicked out because there are too many kids. The next day all the parents must come and have a conference with the teacher about how there child acted. The boys are given a second chance and so is the old teacher. The classes carry on as normal.

Next Day

They all die by a meteor and then world rips in half from evil robot cats from planet 48598yuggcdrtgu. The end

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Hunger games

The part of the hunger games that I am anticipating the most would have to be the part where Cato and Thresh battle it out in the rain. After that event I can’t wait to see the mutations and the part where Cato, Peeta, and Katniss run away from them and climb up the cornucopia.

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The Scene I Am Looking Forward To.

While not being a fan of the Hunger Games, myself, I am looking forward to parade scene. The one where the tributes are dressed up and presented to Panem, in Panem, for Panem. I think this scene will be vital because it will set off, for the rest of the movie, what the relationship between the tributes and the citizens of the demonized utopia will be.

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Which Scene in "The Hunger Games" Movie Do You Most Anticipate?

This week I asked my English II students which scene they anticipated the most in the upcoming "The Hunger Games" movie. Many of their oral responses were, "ALL of them!" But I asked them to choose just one or a few to write about and why.

There are SPOLIERS in these posts, so if you have not read the book and do not want to know what happens, don't read any further!

I decided to write about mine, though it is a tough one. I enjoyed so many parts of the book for various can I pick just one? Of course, that's exactly what I was making my students do, so I figured I better, too!

I can't wait to see how the the filmmakers portray the moment with the berries. Actually, just BEFORE the berries. I want to see Katniss's and Peeta's reaction when Claudius Templesmith announces the second rule change. Will Peeta automatically toss his knife in the lake, knowing he could never kill Katniss? And will Katniss instinctively draw her bow/arrow on Peeta, thinking his action was to kill her? I can't wait to see the look on their faces: the disappointment that Peeta must feel knowing Katniss still doesn't trust that he would gladly die for her, and Katniss's shame.

For me, this moment was such a telling one for the characters. In those brief seconds, we see it all. Peeta will gladly die for Katniss. And Katniss has major trust issues.

I truly hope the film honors this moment.

Most Anticipated Hunger Games Scene

I'm looking forward to the whole entire movie but if I had to choose which scenes I'm looking forward to the most, I would choose the scene where Peeta announces to everyone that he loves Katniss because in the book that just melted my heart and the berry scene at the end of the Hunger Games. Also, anything with Cinna, Peeta, and Gale sounds good :)


With not reading the book, I wouldn't know what scene I would be looking forward to the most. Hearing about it in class, it sounds exciting so I will be anticipating on seeing the whole movie and actually visually understand what is happening.

The Hunger Games :)

I  cant wait  to see  the  whole movie of The Hunger Games, every  scene that they give  previews of   makes  it  more  exciting. The scene that I am anticipating to see the most is,  When Katniss and Peeta are  in the cave together trying to act all in love. I   can not  wait  for  them to  show that  scene, i hope they  do  it  almost perfect to  what the  book did.

Hunger Games Scenes

I'm looking forward to the scene where the mutations are chasing Cato, Katniss, and Peeta. Then when they climb the cornucopia and Katniss shoots Cato in the hand to free Peeta and Cato falls back off the cornucopia into the mutations and dies. Also another scene I'm looking forward to is when Thresh saves Katniss's life by the cornucopia when she goes to receive the backpack.

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The Movie!!

I can't wait until the whole Katniss and Cato fight, on top of the cornucopia over the wolves, scene happens..  Hope they show it (:

The Hunger Games

I wan to see, Haymithch, fall on his face at the district 12 drawing.

The Hunger Games Movie

I can not wait tell Katniss goes to work and kills everyone and win the Hunger Games YA BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Note from Mrs. Orman: 
Christian: Sorry to disappoint you, but that's not how the book goes.

The Hunger Games Movie...

Hmmm... Well since I have never read the "Hunger Games" books, any of them, I don't exactly know which scene to look forward to the most. So I guess Im look forward to the previews. :P

The Hunger Games Movie...

I can't wait for Katniss to do work with her bow, and just loook soooooooooo gooooooood. (;

The Hunger games

I can't wait to see the start of the games. Because that is were most of the killing happens!

The Hunger Games!

I cant wait to see all the scene's that Gale is in because I like the actor.


If i had to pick my favorite scene it would be when the tribute's come back as dogs/human things . and when Cato die .

Hunger Games

The scene from The Hunger Games that I am most anticipating, is when Katniss drops the beehive on the Careers. It just seems like it is going to be an intense, but also funny scene to watch to me. Also I can't wait to watch the training scenes to see what the other tributes have to offer. Finally I want to see the scene when Katniss buries Rue. I might become emotional, but most likely I wont, I'm kind of a sucker for sad stories. But all in all, I hope that the movie comes around fast and hopefully it will be good.


I can't wait to watch katniss kill people (:

Hunger Games

I can't NOT wait for all the parts that Gale is in. :)

The Huger Games Scene

The Hunger Games scene that I most anticipate is the scene where Katniss shoots Cato at the end and the mutations rip him to shreds.  I wan't to see this scene because it was one of my favorite scenes in the book. Also, I think that it will be very gruesome and show good detail.




Are you Hungry for The Games? (:

Well The Hunger Games comes out in exactly 10 days. Now that it's getting so close, people are getting very antsy about how well they movie is going to show the best parts of the book. I really want to see when The Games are almost over and the mutations (meant to be the other tributes) come and attack them. That scene was so intense even in the book. It gave me the shivers. Hopefully it's as amazing as everyone is anticipating!(:

p.s. Gale and Peeta better live up to what everyone wants them to look like(:

And... Scene.

The Hunger Games is coming out soon, and I'm pretty excited. I read the book for the first time in seventh grade and I've been waiting for it to be made into a movie because it's so good! There's gonna be a lot of awesome scenes in the movie, but the scene that I will be the most excited for is the scene with the tracker-jackers when Katniss gets her first kill of the Games. That part is one I really want to see because I just don't know how they're going to show that in the movie. Another scene that I'm excited for is the training session when Katniss shoots the arrow towards the Gamemakers to get their attention because that part made me laugh so hard the first time I read it. It's going to be a totally awesome movie.

Hunger Games(:

I think I'm most looking forward to the scene of the ceremonies. I looking forward to seeing Katniss's dress, and see how Katniss and Peeta look on fire. I also want to to see how the whole arena thing works out, I mean all the obstacles that happen. I kind of mostly want to see Peeta though.

Hunger Games!

I'm very excited to see the part when Peeta and Katniss are on fire. I have no idea how they will re-create this part but I'm expecting to to be spectacular! I'm also excited to see the berry scene. That was most significant scene in order to set up for the next two book. I'm most excited to see Peeta and Gale though :) 

Hunger Games Scene?

Personally i wanna see all the scenes (lol). I think the one I'd want to see the most is the scene where they run to get the bags of stuff they need to survive (the banquet thingy). Mainly cause i wanna see thresh beat the crap outta people.

My top 5 favorite female book characters

1. Hermione Granger- She is my favorite because she is in Harry Potter and she is very smart and cunning.

2. Katniss Everdeen- She is also one of my favorite characters, because whatever challenge is thrown at her, she always comes out on top.

3. Anne Frank- Technically her diary was a book, and I like her because after all she went through during the holocaust, her story was still put out worldwide.

4. Charlotte- Charlotte from charlottes web was one of my favorite books of all time when I was younger.

5. Violet- The oldest girl from A Series Of Unfortunate Events is also one of my favorite characters because she is very smart, and is like a female McGyver.


I cannot wait to see the mutations. Ya what other time can u see half human half wolfs... Never! I can't wait to see Katniss either because she is hot.

Hunger Games

I'm looking forward to the scene where Rue dies and Katniss  honors Rue with a proper Memorial. Just because I think it's going to be really good I also think that the drawing for the games will be intense!

The Hunger Games

There are two scenes that I am really looking forward to seeing. The first one is the dress of fire Katniss wears in the opening ceremony. I have no idea how they are going to do that, so I am really excited to see it. Another scene I am anticipating is the Tracker Jacker scene. In the book, Collins described them in such detail I know they will be epic in the movie. Some scenes may be a tad graphic but I will be ok. This movie is going to be really good and I am super excited to see it. Hopefully this can be a movie no-one is disappointed in.

The Hunger Games

As far as The Huger Games movie I'm anticipating a lot of things! What Katniss's dress is going to look like, also her costume of fire her and Peeta get to wear in the opening ceremony. Also I can't wait to hear what Katniss will sound like when she is singing to Rue. That scene was a heart wrenching moment for thousands while reading the books. My hopes are they make the movie in a way that emotionally can connect us to the characters like the books did.

Hunger Games Movie!

The scene I am the most excited for is definitely when all the tributes are getting interviewed before the games. I love the actor who plays Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci) and I can't wait to see Katniss's dress. In the book I imagined it to be really sparkly and beautiful. I am also SUPER excited to see Peeta announce to the whole world that he is in love with Katniss. It's my favorite part of the book and I just can't wait to see it! 10 more days!!!
The scene I'm most excited to see is when Prim gets called as tribute and Katniss volunteers for her. I'm really excited because its such an important part of the movie, and it has a lot of anticipation to it. I can't wait because it shows how much Katniss really cares about her sister, that she would sacrifice her own life to save her sister.

Most Anticipated Hunger Games Scene

The scene I'm most excited to see is when Katniss volunteers for Prim. Why? Because it's one of my favorite parts of the book.

The scenes that I’m looking forward to the most in the Hunger Games are the cave ones, obviously. I want to see what they look like after everything in the arena. I also want to see how they interact with each other in order to get sponsors. Also, Rue’s death should be a good scene to watch. It’ll be very emotional for district 11, I want to see how they react to it. I think that one of the most exciting scenes however, will be when Katniss drops the tracker jackers on the careers and Peeta.  I’m excited to see what they look like and what kind of damage they will do to the careers. 

Hunger Games Anticipation

 I truly believe the whole movie is going to be AMAZING! One thing in particular I am anticipating is the landscape/scenery. Throughout the whole book series Suzan Collins did  great job explaining everything from the arena to the characters themselves.  So much imagery and detail played such a vital role in describing the books that I hope they make the movie as breath taking.  Ten days to go, and all our posing questions will be answered.

I like to blog... anticipated scene

I want to see that part when katniss is like in a tree and then she like threw the bees down like ya know? I like that part and like if it was cool in the movie I would like it more!

Most anticipated scene

The most anticipated scene that I really want to see is when the Mines go off at the Carriers base. I really want to see the affects it'll have and how it ends up happening. Like if it did it the way it did in the book, or a totally different way that doesn't fit the book. I also want to see the mutated dogs that resemble the other tributes at the Cornacopia. If I watch this movie and it doesn't follow the book I will be mad.


My favorite anticipated scene is when Peeta is weak and asleep in the cave and Katniss has to go get their backpacks. The author makes it out as if the both of them might die at a certain point. She keeps the readers on their toes and I couldn't put the book down at that point.

Most Anticipated

For me the most anticipated scene in the movie is when Katniss is walking up the stream, trying to find Peeta and then all of a sudden he comes out of the mud. And trying to get him to the cave before the other tributes find him. I cannot wait for the movie to come out in 10 days!!!

The Hunger Games.

The most anticipated scene for me is when Katniss and Peeta are fighting Kato towards the end of the games then everything gets flipped around when the guy says they have to kill each other.

The Hunger Games

The scenes I am anticipating the most are the draft, where they select the tributes and Katniss volunteers for her sister. I am also looking forward to the opening ceremony where Katniss is portrayed as "The Girl on Fire." And even though it will be sad, I am looking forward to seeing the seen where Rue is killed.
The scene that I would say I'm most excited to see would have to be when the "wolves" things attack them or when Rue dies. I can't wait until the movie comes out! =]

The scene I most anticipate.

The scene i'm most anticipated to see is the reaping when Prime is chosen and Katniss volunteers as tribute to take her sisters place.

HG scene

The Mutations would be amazing to see and haw they made them and what they look like and act like would be something to see and the tracker jackers and how they like kill you.

The Hunger Games scenes

I want to see the mutation wolf scene, the wasp thingy scene when they get stung, and the opening ceremony when they run to get stuff.h. They all seem cool and interesting.
When Clove is about to cut Katnisses face with the knife i want to see that scene.


im not anticipating any of them. it would be cool to see the movie but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if i don't

Most anticipated scene of the Hunger Games?

For me, the most anticipated scene and the scene that I most want to see are completely different.

     My most anticipated scene is Rue's death. I think that it's the first truly sad moment in the book. There are other deaths, but you aren't connected to those deaths. When Prim is picked, Katniss volunteers. When Katniss sees the Avox girl, she feels guilty, but the girl sort of becomes her friend.
     No, none of the other scenes up until this point in the book are truly sad. And I think that it will take true skill to make it right. Rue under the net, Rue with a spear in her stomach. Boy standing there, boy throwing the spear, boy dying, the first kill Katniss has made with her bare hands. Katniss covering Rue in flowers, Katniss singing the song. Katniss crying, Katniss leaving the spear in Rue's body so there's one less weapon in the arena. Katniss not being able to sleep. Katniss not being able to wake up. Katniss looking through their combined items for something to patch together. This is my most anticipated scene.
     The scene that I most want to see is when they call the names. And then after, in the room that they rode the elevator to. How Prim has to walk forward before Katniss takes her place, something kind in a place where nobody does that, even for their family. Then the kiss-salute. How every person in that crowd unified to respect the girl who took her sister's place in the death match. Then how Peeta gets called, and how Katniss reacts. What does her face really look like? How will she look at the boy with the bread? After in the room, I want to see when Madge comes in, and shows her friendship. I want to see Gale promise to take care of her family. I want to see how Katniss bullies her mother into promising to not go away again. I want to see when they take her away, to go to the train.

And I want to see all the buttons on the shower.

The ring of death

The scene Im looking forward to the most is obviously the giant massacre at the cornucopia. I mean its gonna be intense! Kids grabbing weapons bigger than themselves and running around killing each other, thats pretty legit. And you never know, maybe they have Katniss die during that, that'd make the entire theatre go crazy and it'd be pretty funny to see people scream and throw their popcorn at the screen. So thats the scene Im looking forward to, I know she wont die, but just the thought of them throwing that major of a curveball at the audience then makes me laugh(:

Most Anticipated Scene From "The Hunger Games"

My most anticipated scene would have to be the final night when Katniss, Peeta, and Cato are on the horn with the dogs surrounding them. I'm curious as to how the muttations will look. I'm also looking forward to see the scene when Katniss is running through the forest in the arena after the Gamemakers set the fire.
The scenes that I am looking forward to from "The Hunger Games" are Rue's death, the muttation scene, and the Opening Ceremonies. For Rue's death, I want to see it because it will a very emotional point in the movie. The reason I want to see the muttation scene is because I'm wondering how they will portray it. And for the Opening Ceremonies, I just want to see how everything comes together, and how "the girl on fire" is portrayed.

Hunger Games.(:

The scenes that I would probably have to say that I am most excited to see in "The Hunger Games" would have to be when they are first entering the arena, both just seeing there reactions, and seeing them all running to the cornucopia. Also I am anxious to see the scene of Rue's death, and the cave scenes.

The Hunger Games

The scenes that I want to see most in the movie are all of the love scenes. In the book, I thought that Katniss should be with Gale instead of Peeta, but I want to see if I think differently in the movie. I also can't wait to see the part where they are getting Katniss and Peeta ready for the Opening Ceremony. I really want to see what there outfits look like for this!! I can't wait until the movie comes out! (:

My Favorite part

My favorite part is going to be when the mutated dogs came out and tried to kill peeta and katniss. And they were on the cornacopia and they push Cato off it.

May the odds be ever in your favor

    I love "The Hunger Games". Not even kidding you. I cannot wait for the movie to come out!! (:
    My first seen that I can't wait to see is when they first arrive in the arena on their platforms. I'm interested to see what the arena looks like and how the actors and actresses react to the arena based on their character. 
    The second scene I really want to see is Rue's death. I'm interested to see how it is played out, and if they stay true to the book.
    The other scene that I'm really excited for is at the end, the cornucopia scene with the muttations. I want to see how detailed they are and if they, again, stay true to the book. 
                                                                                                                         ✌ ♥☺
                                                                                      --Mackenzie (:

Most anticipated scene from the Hunger Games? Or something like that.

I want to see the part where Katniss, dies. That doesn't happen in the book but you never know. They ruined the Percy Jackson movie they can ruin this one. But really,  The only scene I want to see is where Katniss was stung by the wasp things and she sees stuff.
The scene that I am most anticipating in "The Hunger Games" is............ When Rue and Katniss plant the tracker jackers nest on the other tributes and then when Rue dies I would like to see this scene the most because it seems very exciting. 

What I'm looking forward to in the Hunger Games

In the Hunger Games I am most looking forward to the part where Peeta burns the bread that he gives to Katniss. I want to see if that bread is slightly burnt or charred black. I think of anything that could be more interesting in the movie this scene makes the final battle with Cato nothing. This is going to make or break the movie right there in that important scene.


Katniss - Hunger Games
Rue - Hunger Games
Matilda - Matilda
Katniss's Mom - Hunger Games
Effie - Hunger Games

Hunger Games Anticipation

Personally, I can't wait for the cave scenes. I feel like the connection between Katniss and Peeta (if the acting is done well enough) will be undeniable and explosive. (: <3

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who are my top five female book characters?

In the book soul surfer, based on a true story Bethany Hamilton is an inspirastion to many people. After losing her arm in a shark attack she learns how to deal with everything. She doesn't give up.
The Last Song, Ronnie visits her father. Her father and her don't have the strongest relationship, but as she stays there for the summer she opens up and she becomes more like her old self.
As in the book Stargirl, Susan Julia Caraway she acts all mysterious. She calls herself Stargirl. She is considered different from everybody else.
Bridge to Terabithia has a girl named Leslie Burke, She moves next door to a boy named jess. She is well educated and  a huge imagination her and jess comeup with a a getaway. They call it Terabithia were they can control what happens. Leslie is very unique. throughout the book she gets into some tough spots and she changes Jess's life.
In Twilight, Belle swan goes to live with her father. As she finds out, forks is an unusual place to live. She falls in love with a vampire, she befriends a werwolf. Even with all of this she still finds ways to deal with it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Five Fictional Females.

My top fictional female characters are going to be 1-5:
1.Katniss, I like Katniss cause she won the hunger games.
2.Miss Piggy because she is a pig.
3.Kim Possible, Because she can defeat any bad guy there is.
4.Bella because she had a vampire baby
5.Candice because she is on phenias and Ferb
Hermine, Katniss, Rue, Effie, Snow

Chicks :D

Katniss - Hunger Games
Rue - Hunger Games
Matilda - Matilda
Katniss's Mom - Hunger Games
Effie - Hunger Games

Top Girls in Literature

1. Cindy Lou Hoo (Dr. Suess books) - She is a boss. If I was six and I saw the Grinch I would be gone. She stared that monster in the face and she wasn't even phased.

2. Harmione Granger (Harry Potter books) - She is wizard and a muggle. I imagine that she just radiates greatness. "Hey you muggle!" People would shout. Harmione doesn't care! She just zaps them with her wand.

3. Annabeth Jackson (Percy Jackson series) - She is a pro. She told off the man, the myth, the legend himself, Percy Jackson.

4. Greasy Sae (Hunger Games Series) - She doesn't care. "Hey Greasy we only killed one wild dog today!" "I don't care children!" she would yell. "I will just throw it in this pot and sell it as 'stew'. HAHAHA!" She doesn't care. GREASY SAE = HONEY BADGER

5. Mulan (Mulan) - Mulan is a god. She is the best soldier and she is a girl.

Top 5 Female Actors

The top five female actors:

Number 5: Whoever  plays Katniss, she's good because she's in a good movie, and in the trailer she looks pretty good at acting, but I've never seen her in a different movie I don't think

Number 4: Megan Foxx, her role in transformers was pretty awesome!!

Number 3: The girl in Easy A, that was a very inspirational movie, and funny. So she must be a good actress

Number 2: Jessica Simpson, okay lets face it, in Dukes of Hazzard, she was quite attractive... And not to mention she's a great actress

Number 1: Whoever plays Hermione, she't extremely attractive even though she's technically invisible... And she's my favorite actress of all time


1. Hermione Granger- Harry Potter- She was the best student and of Harry's best friend's at Hogwarts.
2. Ms. Frizzle- Magic School Bus- Every good teacher has a magic school bus and she is no exception.
3. Mrs. Weasely- She was the teen heartthrob of her era only surpassed by the girl in twilights grandma.
4. Catwomen- She's was able to fight batman that's cool right.
5. Ginny Weasely- When Harry was a kid she had a huge crush on him but by year six they were dating that is one long crush

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Top 5 Female Characters

1. Ronnie (Book: The Last Song)

2. Savannah (Book: Dear John)

3. Carly (Book: Flight 116 Is Down)

4. Janet (Book: Twenty and Ten)

5. Nicole (Book: Take Me There)

Top 5

1. Kallen Amnell- Leader of a World
2. Rose Maylie- Kindest person... ever.
3. Ginny Weasley-
4. Luxa- princess and a warrior
5. Alice- extremely curious girl who quite possibly has the most amazing trp ever

Top 5 favorite female characters

Top 5 favorite female characters from literature are:
1. Katniss Everdeen is my favorite. She is from the The Hunger Games. She's the kind of      person that is brave, and she goes after what you wants no matter how hard it's going to take. 
2. Jamie Sullivan is also one of my favorite. She's from the book A Walk to Remember. Her character is a sweet, young, brave girl. I like how she fights through everything and never fails to find the good in everyone. 
3. Alison DiLaurentis is from the book Pretty Little Liars. In these books she's the one of who walks all over people. She shows you that if you want something to be done, then do it yourself. and go after what you want.
4. Anne Frank is from The Diary of Ann Frank. She's a brave young Jew. She was brave and is a role model for anyone who is facing adversity
5. Ronnie Miller is from The Last Song. Her character is portrayed as someone who is rebellious and ungrateful at the beginning. Pretty much the typical teenager. However, she shows you that things change, and people change. She learns to be grateful for what she has and for her family. 

My Top 5 Female Fictional Characters;

Grace Brisbane in Shiver: She starts off kind of shy but after she meets Sam she starts to fight for what she wants and doesn't let anyone's opinion get to her.

Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games: She takes on being the head of her household after her father dies and she has to take care of her family without any warning. I don't think I would ever be able to handle something like that.

Hermione Granger in Harry Potter: She's very smart and brave, and she's not afraid to say what she thinks.

Katie in Safe Haven: Katie escapes from her abusive husband and starts her a new life thousands of miles away. That would be the scariest thing in the world for me to do, but she did it.

Amelia Bedelia: She proves that people don't always say what they mean, and that they should so people don't misunderstand and take things the wrong way. Too many people these days think they know what is going on but they really don't.

5 Favorite Females!

1) Bella- Twilight
2) Jennifer Aniston- Marley & Me
3) Sandra Bullock- Blind Side
4) Katniss- Hunger Games

5) Rue- Hunger Games

Inspirational Women(:

1. Allie from The Notebook - She knows what she wants and won't let anyone get in her way. She finds love that some people don't get to experience.

2. Savannah from Dear John - She waits for John to finish his tour on duty and when he reenlists she realizes that waiting even longer would hurt her worse than if she tried to move on. She'll always love him but she was strong enough to make a decision for herself.

3. Ronnie from Last Song - She went through a rough time when her parents got divorced but she didn't really know the real reason. After finding out she stays with her dad and builds a relationship that had been broken for a long time.

4. Katniss from The Hunger Games - To start off she took her little sisters place when she got chosen for the Games. Then she fought all the way to the end and survived. I think she was very courageous and smart throughout the whole series.

5. Denise form The Rescue - She sacrificed everything so her son, Kyle, who had learning disabilities. She wanted him to have the best life he could have and she would do anything to make it happen. Even when she fell in love with Taylor, Kyle always came first.

Top 5 Women In Books

1. Katniss Everdeen The Hunger games-Strong personality and great character
2. Snow- The Chronicles Vladimir Tod- Strong Character Has alot to do with the main person
3.Rue-The Hunger Games- A sad character didnt really have a chance to get to full potetial.
4.Effie- a different character She always seems happy Shes also quite strong
5.Mikayla-Transformers The Comics-She is stronger and stays with him no matter what goes wrong

Top 5 Female.

1.) Maximum Ride  'Maximum Ride Series': She's smart, well trained, and strong. In the books she is the leader and she ends up knowing what to do every time something goes wrong.

2.) Katniss Everdeen 'The Hunger Games': Katniss Is protective, strong, and prepared for any threats in the Arena. She has skills that are great for the Hunger Games and she is in it to win it.

3.) Angel 'Maximum ride series': Angel is a mindreader/controller and she can talk to fish and breath underwater. 

4.) Annabeth Chase 'The lightning theif': She is a Demigod and Percy jacksons Adventure Friend.

5.) Astrid 'Gone Series': Astrid is a genius. She lives in the FAZ. And takes care of her brother during the time of chaos without parents/everyday things like electricity or vehicles.

Top 5 Picks

1. Veronica “Ronnie” Miller from The Last Song - In this book, Ronnie isn’t very nice to people in the beginning, but throughout the book she gets better. In the beginning when she was acting mean, I liked how she was not afraid to tell anyone how she felt. In this book, she is also very free-spirited. 

 Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games - In this book, I liked how strong of a person Katniss was and how she wasn’t afraid of anything. She is also a very independent person and thinks outside of the box during the book.

 Savannah Curtis from Dear John - In this book, I liked how her personality was very innocent. I also liked how she was always super nice and sweet to everybody. Also, a very smart.

 Bella Swan from Twilight - In this book, I like how Bells is very strong minded. She also is very mature in the book. She doesn’t like looking weak but she is also very quiet.

5. Minny Jackson from The Help - In this book, I like how Minny will speak her mind and never let anybody tear her down. She is very down to earth and strong. I also like how she is really funny too.

My top 5 ladies

1. Megan Fox; Transformers - She's hot. She is awesome at kicking transformer butt.
2. Katnis; Hunger Games- She's hot. She's goos at shooting arrows.
3. Rue; Hunger Games - She is a good character in the book.
4. Hermoine (however you spell it); Harry Potter - She's hot. She's good at handling wands
5. Bella; Twilight - I have no idea why I chose her. She's just a desperate, depressed looking girl who is dating a sparkly vampire, with a werewolf boyfriend on the side.

top 5 fictional ladies

1. Superwoman because she is almost as awesome as superman and better looking
2. Candace Flynn because she is so bad at busting Phineas and Ferb on their super awesome projects
3. Daphne because she knows Scooby Doo and solves mysteries but not Velma because she's a nerd
4. Kim Possible because she has the same initials as me so she is awesome
5. Katniss Everdeen because she won the hunger games

Females! :)

Katniss Everdeen- She know’s how to kill people and is very pretty
Cindy Loo Hoo- She is from the Grinch stole Christmas and is funny 
Rue- She is smart and is from the Hunger Games
Hermany- From the Harry Potter series- She is smart and is pretty
Glimmer- She is pretty 

My Top 5

1. Elizabeth Holland from the Luxe Series. She was such a strong character, she always kept true to her heart and she was very selfless and kind.
2. Aibileen from The Help. Her character was so warm and neutering. She was so brave to tell her story to Ms. Skeeter and I loved reading about it.
3. Denise Holten in The Rescue. She was so comforting and strong for her boyfriend and she was a fabulous mother to her autistic son.
4. Annabeth Chase from The Percy Jackson Series. She was always there for her friends and everyone knows that her friends wouldn't be anywhere with out her.
5. Melanie Stryder from The Host. She refused to fade away and she stood strong to her love for Jared. She proves that it's unbelievable how far your heart can take you.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 5

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)-- She never lets her feelings show no matter what is going on. I'm kinda the same way. You can tell when I'm mad but no matter what is going on I hide it all behind a smile and pretend nothing is going on.

Allie (The Notebook)--I love Allie because even though she gets a little off course, she goes back to Noah. Even though her parents disapprove she follows her heart

Savannah Curtis (Dear John)--She's strong enough to try staying with John while he is gone. That's a hard thing to go through.

Veronica "Ronnie" Miller (The Last Song)--She's a strong headed girl. Doesn't care what people think of her. 

Denise Jackson (It's All About Him)--She didn't fall for Alan Jackson because of his name or fame or glory. She fell for him as him, not his money.

My Favorite Five Female Characters

My top five favorite female characters are: Katniss, Prim, Rue, Annabel, and Thalia.
5. Annabel is from the book Lightning Thief and is one of my favorites because she is funny and plays a major part in one of my favorite books.
4. Prim is from the book The Hunger Games and is my fourth favorite female character because she reminds me of my cousin.  They are both little, sweet, and innocent.
3. Thalia is from the book Lightning Thief and is my third favorite female character because she is the daughter of Zeus and Zeus is AWESOME!!
2. Rue is from the book The Hunger Games and comes in as my second favorite female character because she is a very innocent little girl that has a very difficult life.
1. Katniss is from the book The Hunger Games and is my favorite female character because she is a huge tom boy that loves hunting and sticks up for herself.  I feel like we connect because we both love hunting and we stick up for ourselves.
My top five favorite female fictional characters (No certain order):

1.) Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games): She is pretty much always there for her family. She will pretty much do anything to keep her family safe, even if it puts her in a lot of danger. She proves to us, that anything is possible if you believe.

2.) Allie (The Notebook): The Notebook is definitely one of my favorite books, and I just enjoy reading about this character. No matter what others think, she follows her heart.

3.) Jamie (A Walk to Remember): She keeps on going with her life, although she knows that she doesn't have much time to live. She is thinking more optimistic, rather than thinking, Well I don't have much time left, so I'll just sit around, there's no point to life anymore.

4.) Rue (The Hunger Games): She is independent, and even though she is young she takes care of her family.

5.) Savannah (Dear John): She is a very strong women

Top 5 Favorite Women

1. Savannah off of Dear John, she has so much strength.
2. Bella off of Twilight
3. Miss Frizzle because she's crazy funny
4. Denise from the Rescue
5. Princess Leah from Star Wars because her hair makes me laugh in the movie

Top 5 female Characters

Hello, My Top Five female Characters would be...

1- Katniss Everdeen- she is strong willed, and very cool
2- Ms. Frizzle-she was very fun and interesting, and I wish we had a teacher like her In Erie
3- Catwoman- Is shy woman, senses of a cat, walks a thin line between criminal and hero
4- Rue- She is small, and very intelligent, and can do anything she puts her mind to
5-Word Girl- She is very good with words and reminds me of english every time

Top 5 FAvorite Female Fictional Characters((:

My Top 5 favorite Female fictional characters....
1. Katniss (The Hunger Games)  because I think that she is very strong, and independent.
2. Skeeter (The Help) I like she because she stands up for what she believes in.
3. Ronnie (The Last Song) I love this character because she is so dramatic.
4. June B Jones ( June B. Jones) I love this character because she is so funny and she always gets in trouble.
5. Allie (The Notebook) I like this character because she stands up for what is right and doesn't let anyone push her around.

Top 5

1. Jamie in A Walk to Remember.. I love the kind of person she is and the relationship that her and Landon have is very inspiring.
2. Katniss- Hunger Games.. She's very brave
3. Junie B. Jones.. I loved reading these books. Everything that Junie B. Jones made me laugh!
4. Alice- Twilight.. She is my favorite vampire out of all of them.
5. Savannah- Dear John.. She is a very strong women in the book.

Top 5 Female Characters

1. Katniss Everdeen: The Hunger Games, she volunteered for her sister so Prim would have to be tortured in the Hunger Games.

2. Ronnie: The Last Song, she had to spend the summer with her dad and didn't realize how important that trip was until it was time to leave.

3. Savannah: Dear John, she worked with special kids and worked with horses at the same time.

4. Leigh Anne Tuohy: The Blind Side, she took in Michael off the street and gave him a real home.

5. Rue: The Hunger Games, she was so small when she entered the games, her and Katniss alliance together, and after her death, she go the recognition that she needed.






Bella Swan- My favorite character is from Twilight. I love how she isn't afraid of anything. She knows what she wants and she goes for it.

Zoey Redbird- She's from The House Of Night series. She's not afraid to be an outcast, and she's okay with not knowing what she wants. She's strong and independent.

Elena Gilbert- She's from the Vampire Diaries, and she's really adventurous. She's not scared to go her own way even if it means she could get hurt. She doesn't know what she wants but she gets what she needs.

Cassie Black- She's from the Secret Circle. I think she's cool because she has these powers and she doesn't know how to use them but she's trying to figure it out. She has her close friends and she has her enemy's.

Katniss Everdeen- shes strong and shes independent. she doesn't need anyone but herself.

5 Favorite Female Literary Characters

These are my top five favorite female literary characters:
5. Lucy Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia because she went to Narnia.
4. Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians because she's pretty smart and her plans usually work.
3. Sadie Kane from The Kane Chronicles because it's funny when she makes fun of her brother.
2. Angela the herbalist from the Inheritance Cycle because she is the best comic relief ever because she's also dangerous.
1. Nasuada from the Inheritance Cycle because she won the Trial of the Long Knives and didn't complain about it.

Top 5 Female Characters in books, games, and movies

(1.)  Shosanna Dreyfus (Inglourious Basterds) - She watched her parents get murdered and almost got killed herself when a group of nazis shoot through the floorboards at her and her family. Her whole part is based on a vengeful character who succeeds on her plot to burn down her theatre with the most important nazis including, Hitler, Gerbels, and Bowman.
(2.) Cortana (Halo) - She puts up with drastic actions took by master chief, she won't die, and she's the most ridiculous AI ever.
(3.) Sheva (Resident Evil) - She is just amazing. Enough said.
(4.) Quorra (Tron Legacy) - Played by Olivia Wilde and is amazing and kills everything.
(5.) Thalia Grace (Percy Jackson) - She is a daughter of Zeus and is a female huntress for Artemis. So she is just awesome.

Top 5 Favorite Female Characters

1. Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games: She stays strong for her family by providing food and money. She won the Hunger Games and does other admirable things in later books.

2. Alice Cullen in Twilight Saga: Alice always looks out for Bella and the other Cullens and does what is best for everyone.

3. Ronnie in The Last Song: Ronnie gets past her and her dad's conflicts and tries to make his last summer the best.

4. Savannah in Dear John: Savannah works with kids who have mental disabilities. She loves with all her heart and she's a very compassionate person.

5. Aria in Pretty Little Liars: She has to go without the one she loves and get harassed by her past and a secret stalker, yet she still stays strong for her friends.

My top 5 female charactors

1. Snow from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod- Vlads girlfriend
2. Aunt Nelly from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod- works in hospital and steels blood
3. Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson- smart
4. Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson- smart
5. Katniss from the Hunger Games- knows how to hunt and survive

top 5 female fictional characters

5. Arya (Eragon)
Who doesn't love a girl who can kick some butt?

4. Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)
Personally she's become a role model to me. If she can stand against an entire nation give this girl a Nobel Peace Prize

3. Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter)
Friendship. 'Nuff said.

2. Willow (Angel Burn)
Half-angel going up against an entire supernatural race? How many people can say they'd do that?

1. Clarissa Fray (Mortal Instruments series)
She's suddenly plunged into a world of demons, Shadowhunters, Warlocks, etc. No explanation, no nothing. But she still manages to fight her way through.

Females. They deserve credit too. (:

1. Katniss Everdeen, from The Hunger Games
Katniss is a very strong girl that defies all odds that are against her.
2. Kristina Snow, from Crank
Kristina was a girl, faced with drug addiction, ends up having 3 kids, and is still crippled by drug addiction
3. Ever Bloom, from the Immortals series
 Ever is a girl who has faced the death of her entire family. She is a very strong person, and has gone through a lot.
4. Sookie Stackhouse, from Dead Until Dark
Sookie is an odd character, but faces vampires, and other forces, and still comes out on top.
5. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
She is one of the smartest people that I have ever known. She always has a way to get Ron and Harry out of the current situation they're in. 

I love all of these characters equally, and they all deserve the best in their own respective novels.

five woman superheros

wonder woman-
batgirl-niece to batman
spider girl-stronger then spider man but doesn't completely understand her powers
wasp-small and flies fast uses a slight shock power along with flying
Ms. fantastic-married to Mr.fantastic she has a force field and can disappear

Top 5

1. Katniss who is part of the Hunger Games books. Is one of my favorite characters because she is very strong even though she has to go and fight for her life.
2. Jane who is in a book called Sundays at Tiffany's. I admire her for how strong she is even though she has everyone knocking her down.
3. Allison who it in The Notebook. I just really like this book and she just happens to be in it.
4. Ruby who is in Lock and Key. She almost reminds me of myself but then she doesn't so I don't really know.
5.Jamie who is in A Walk to Remember. I like her because she  keeps on going on with life even though she knows she doesn't have much time left in her life.

My top 5 picks

1.)  Sarah Young is seriously one of my favorite female authors for multiple reasons.  I discovered this author through her famous devotional Jesus Calling(which my brother gave me after returning from deployment in Egypt). Every morning I am inspired through her words about wisdom, choices, but ultimately your relationship with God.

2.) Anna Frank is one individual that has inspired hundreds of thousands just not me. This young women has shown the world what bravery means. Her good heart, and innocent perspective on life is very insightful. When we first read The Diary of Anne Frank  in middle school I couldn't fathom how such a young girl could have witnessed so much hatred and still look for the best in others.

3.) Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games is a very noble character.  Bravery, honesty, and loyalty are just some of the morals she portrays within the books.  Personally she has taught me that with determination you can accomplish anything, no matter how impossible it seems.  Life will beat you up and tear you down. Ms. Everdeen has shown the world, if you fight for what you know is right,  eventually you will overcome any challenge.

4.) Arwen from Lord of the Rings shows exactly what girls are capable of. Through out the whole book she sacrifices everything to benefit others. Her selflessness is really encouraging to read about. In my own life when I am about to do something selfish I think of that book and the things Arwen did. This character truly taught me a lot about my life and making the harder choices.

5.) Hermione Granger from Harry Potter is such a brilliant character. Throughout all seven books in the Harry Potter series she is the self proclaimed, "know it all". If there was anyone to get Harry and Ron out of trouble it is her.  Her character is a very outgoing, perfectionist. I admire her for these characteristics because this is something her and I share.  Ms. Granger shows that wanting to be successful and striving to do your best pay off  eventually. Also I love her happy and optimistic personality.

Top 5 Female Fictional Characters

Hellen Parr
Samantha Darko
*Helen Parr- From The Incredibles She's Mr. Fantastic but a girl, so she has to be awesome. *Marcelline- From Adventure Time She's a vampire that eats the color red instead of blood. *Penelo- From Final Fantasy XII The only Final Fantasy girl that isn't psychotic, annoying, or a complete female dog [If you know what I mean]. *Samantha Darko- From The Donny Darko Movies The only reason I still watch S. Darko. *Jesus- From The Bible [Yes Jesus Was A Girl] The greatest magician in the world.

Top Five Fictional Female Favorites:


Annabeth Chase- The female lead from the Percy Jackson books. She's smart, and a warrior. She's also the daughter of Athena. Annabeth isn't someone you'd want to make an enemy of.

Hazel Lancaster- The girl who the book's all about. She's truly funny, and she's also got cancer. She's pure brilliant as well. The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.

Deryn Sharp- A fictional female who played at being a boy so she could fly again, from Scott Westerfield's Leviathan Trilogy. (Don't let my lack of commentary fool you, I just have so many reasons for her to be my favorite, I'm letting her stand alone.) Deryn is made of pure dead brilliance.

Rue- The little girl in the Hunger Games that dies in Katniss's care. She's 12 years old, and she nearly survives the Hunger Games. She was killed by a spear when she was caught in a net on the ground.

Luna Lovegood- Luna Lovegood is the who I'd be if I had to be a character in the Harry Potter series. She's strange, and gullible, and everybody loves to make fun of her. But she's also strong, and smart, and she's confident, even though she hasn't got a lot of friends.


(Alliterative, right?)

Girls in literature

1. Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games
2. Cindy loo Hoo how the grinch stole christmas
3. Rue from the hunger games
4. Hermine from Harry Potter
5. Glimmer from the hunger games

Top 5 female Chracters.

1. Megan Fox ( Mikaela ) Transformers Great movie.

2.Emma Watson ( HERMIONE Granger ) Harry Potter series.

3.Princess Feuana ( Cameron Diaz ) Shrek.

4.Kate Melton ( Daphne Blake ) Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins.

5.Hayley Klyoko ( Velma Dinkley ) Scooby-Doo! The mystery Begins!

Top 5 Female Characters.

Females Yeah!

Katniss- The Hunger Games- She is good with a bow and is a good character. Violet- The Series of Unfortunate Events- Is very smart and good at inventing things. Sunny- The Series of Unfortunate Events- Thought it was funny the way she bit stuff when she was only a baby. Rue- the Hunger Games- The way she jumped around in the trees reminded me of a monkey. Snow- The Chronicles of Vladmire Tod, Eleventh Grade Burns- Added a lot to the story.

I can be your hero baby,♥

    For the love of fictional female characters. I've read so many books it's hard to narrow down my top five favorites, but I can sure try :)
        1. Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)-- Katniss is so strong, and her character is admirable. She makes mistakes, but then again so does everyone! (:
        2. Ever Bloom (The Immortal Series)-- Ever has many difficulties, and she manages to figure out a way to get through them all. She manages her abilities with great strength, and is really responsible for her actions. 
        3. Skeeter (The Help)-- I love Skeeter because she stands up for what she believes in, even though she is pretty much standing alone. She is brave, and I admire her for that. 
        4. Nancy Drew (The Nancy Drew Series)-- Nancy is really brave, and she loves what she does. Even when she is in danger she keeps her cool, and she doesn't get thrown off course just because something bad happens. She's passionate about what she does, and I love that. (:
        5. Allie (The Notebook)-- I love Allie because even though she gets a little off course, she goes back to Noah (: Even though her parents disapprove she follows her heart. :)

                                                                                                            ✌ ♥☺--
                                                           Mackenzie (:

Five Most Influencial Fictional Females

1) Alaska Young (Looking for Alaska): Alaska is an independent, open-minded, strong female character.
2) Margo Roth Spiegelman (Paper Towns): Margo knows what she wants, and isn't afraid to go after it.
3) Suze Simon (The Mediator): Another open minded, strong female character who knows how to deal with people, and won't stop until she gets what she wants. (Fun fact.. I named a cat after her) (:
4) Minny Jackson (The Help): Minny is stubborn, loving, and would do anything to take care of her family.
5) Molly Weasley (Harry Potter): During the final movie, when she stands up against Bellatrix, was very inspirational. (:

Who Are Your Top 5 Female Characters from Literature?

Today's prompt is to list your top 5 female characters from literature and a brief explanation why. Make sure to name the character AND the book/story in which she appears. Here are mine:

1. Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy: She's strong, she doesn't rely on men for survival, and she's not perfect. Readers can relate to her flaws and feel what she is feeling.

2. Miss Maudie Atkinson from To Kill a Mockingbird: Miss Maudie is one of my favorites because she doesn't hold back. She is not afraid to call people on their actions and do the right thing. When the rest of Maycomb is heading to Tom's trial, she stays home, knowing it's just wrong to go. Plus, she puts Mrs. Merriweather in her place. I love that.

3. Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird: I can't mention Mockingbird without Scout. Though she is young and naive in many ways, she is still a strong female and won't get pushed around by the boys. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but the final chapters are beautiful (well, the whole book is, actually) when she finally learns Atticus' important lesson.

4. Jane Eyre from Jane Eyre: Jane just rocks, especially for her time period. 'Nuff said.

5. Jing-Mei Woo from The Joy Luck Club: Jing-Mei seems timid and lost at the beginning, pushed around by Waverly and sensitive to any criticism. But as the novel progresses, she gains strength and courage. She finally understands why her mother was the way she was and sets aside the bitterness to bring her family together.

This was hard choosing just five.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Dear all teachers,
     Sorry that I was such an awful kid. Sorry that you had to put up with me throughout the years. I'm just going to  name off a few to apologize too.
Dear Mrs. Mann, sorry that I never napped in your class. I must have really annoyed you. & Sorry that I bit everyone. That must have been a lot of paperwork.
Dear Mrs. Sewell, sorry that I read better than most kids and made fun of them for it. Not my fault they were dumb.
Dear Mrs. Oliver, sorry that I don't remember your class at all. I guess you didn't interest me much.
Dear 4th grade teacher.. I don't remember your name. Sorry that I stole that girls spelling words. You didn't have to paddle me though, it hurt.
Dear 5th grade teachers, Whatever, I don't even remember you. I moved twice that year so chances are, you taught me nothing and I don't really care about you.
6th grade teacher, Mrs. Holden, I tolerated you. This is the year I started to not care & not do anything & you still passed me. Thanks, I guess.
7th grade teachers. I couldn't tell you one....
8th grade, I failed 8th grade. So screw all of my teachers from then.
freshmen through junior year have been decent. So thanks for not killing me even though you want to. K bye.