Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who are my top five female book characters?

In the book soul surfer, based on a true story Bethany Hamilton is an inspirastion to many people. After losing her arm in a shark attack she learns how to deal with everything. She doesn't give up.
The Last Song, Ronnie visits her father. Her father and her don't have the strongest relationship, but as she stays there for the summer she opens up and she becomes more like her old self.
As in the book Stargirl, Susan Julia Caraway she acts all mysterious. She calls herself Stargirl. She is considered different from everybody else.
Bridge to Terabithia has a girl named Leslie Burke, She moves next door to a boy named jess. She is well educated and  a huge imagination her and jess comeup with a a getaway. They call it Terabithia were they can control what happens. Leslie is very unique. throughout the book she gets into some tough spots and she changes Jess's life.
In Twilight, Belle swan goes to live with her father. As she finds out, forks is an unusual place to live. She falls in love with a vampire, she befriends a werwolf. Even with all of this she still finds ways to deal with it.