Thursday, May 24, 2012

Letter to teachers.

Dear past/present teachers,
      Any teachers brought up in the following letter, I have the utmost respect for. Even though I may have some smart comments that may come off as disrespectful, I truely thank every single teacher for what they've done.
Miss Gates,
 Sorry for the whole, "not going to study hall" thing, it was nothing personal, I just wasn't a fan of study hall, that's it. I appreciated MythBusters though.

Mr. E,
You were the only reason I first cared about science, your teaching methods were unorthodox, but that's what made me half-way interested in science.

Mr. Hoese,
Thank you for teaching me to pretend to be interested. It is a trait that I've used for many many months, really helped me the rest of the way during Mr. E's class.

Mr. Coit,
Hey, thanks for not getting too mad when I made the choice to go ahead and do nothing during PE.

Mr. Howell,
The fact that you haven't strangled me is something I cannot wrap my head around. I have an extreme amount of respect for you and what you put up with as a teacher.

Any teacher I have not mentioned, don't worry, I didn't make a sarcastic letter to you, not because I don't like you or forgot, it's most likely I'm too afraid to write one.
          - Gage E.

Belated Blog Post #2

So this my belated blog post. Originally it was supposed to be over how we felt of the book so far. But now that I have read the whole thing I would like to tell you how I feel about it. I really really enjoyed this book. I like how Harper Lee somehow made it touch on all the iffy subjects of the time and still make it be in a child's perspective. I also like how she ties everything together in the end. I love stories like that. So in the end I give To Kill a Mockingbird five out of five cacti.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hunger Games

I personally loved the Hunger Games movie! It started off great and then was chilling watching her take her sisters place in the hunger games, and when Gale went to see her was sad. Peeta was trying to be as nice as he could to her because he loved her and she was being rude, considering he saved her life.  In the arena was weird because they didn't have her almost die from de-hydration, they didn't have the closeness between Rue and Katniss to make it sad when Rue died so I didn't even cry. The mutts were CREEPY looking AND THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO CHASE CATO! NOT KATNISS AND PEETA FIRST!!!! AND IT DIDNT END THAT FAST AND YOU COULDN'T HEAR WHAT CATO WAS SAYING!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thank you, Mrs. Miller:)

Dear Mrs. Miller 
Thank you, having to take choir in middle school wasn’t ideal but with you as a teacher you showed me the important’s of music and ever since then I have applied music to my life everyday. So I would like to tell you how much I appreciate you for getting into music because ever since then i’ve been in choir and if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have met Mr. Wells and Miss. Dillman who are amazing choir teachers and have taught me to be the best that I can be. Now music has brought me a family in high school. I am just so thank full for everyone in my life and that you started it all.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank You Mrs. Wiersema

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,

    This week is teacher appreciation week and I wanted to thank you for being my teacher and helping me so much. I remember your class was always very fun! We wrote awesome stories and I actually enjoyed English class. There were lots of funny memories in class when we would read our stories out loud, or tell funny stories. Best of all, we made commercials, which was so much fun. I enjoyed that very much and wish I could go back in time and make another one. I also heard about my step-brother, Logan’s commercial, I really want to see it! Well, I just want to say thank you again for being an awesome teacher and making English class fun. I will never forget that English class.

Sincerely, Bethany Frank

Thanks Mrs. Wiersema

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,
          It is teacher appreciation week and I would like to express my gratitude towards you. I always looked forward to your class and discovering the word of the day. I was infatuated with the smell of your room, the mixture of coffee and scented candles.  You are the reason that I enjoy reading now. I remember you got me hooked on The Lighting Thief series and The Hunger Games. I am so appreciative because I have gotten lost in so many great books, like The Help
          One of my favorite memories of your class was when we read those plays out loud and everyone had a different voice for their character. Especially the Frankin Stein play, I cried I was laughing so hard.  Normally when a teacher ensigns an essay, the usual response is a chorus of  "aw mans" or "ugh", but your essays were exciting and fun. Writing a paper about ancestry or the stranger than fiction was like setting out imagination loose. Another thing I loved about English class was making the commercials. I had a blast making my commercial as well as helping my friends make theirs.  I know the Erie Middle school will miss you when you retire almost as much as I will. Thanks for being the epitome of English teachers. 
Best wishes,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Miss Dillman
For this assignment, we were informed that it is Teacher Appreciation Week, we were each told to choose a teacher to appreciate. I could have chose my mom, or any of the other teachers, but honestly none of the other teachers have left a lasting good impression on me. I had you in middle school choir, and now again in high school choir, and in humanities, my freshman year.
The two years in Middle school that I had you, were a blast and I didn't think that I'd have another class that was as fun as those two years, but then the big day came, the first day of high school, my freshman year. The day was going pretty good, or so I thought. Then I got in choir, fourth period, that day, and when the bell rang that day I knew that it was going to be an awesome year.
A lot of people think that choir is just a blow off class, that we do nothing but sing the whole time, and that choir is a waste of a class period. But for those of us in choir, we know that it is way more than that. It is a family. It is our lives. &most importantly we are each others lives. I don't know what I'd do without my fourth period class every day. Everybody in there always has a smile on their face as soon as they step in foot in the room. It is not a blow off class, I think it's actually think that it is a harder class, because we learn so much over the year, that you must remember the rest of your music career.
I don't plan on doing anything musical in my future, but I know that without your famous line "Don't forget to be awesome", that anything is possible as long as we are us and we are awesome.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is, that you have put a huge impact on my high school years!
Thanks, not just for being an awesome teacher, but for being a huge part in my life. You're the 'mom' of out choir family, and without you, we wouldn't be as awesome as we are!

Natasha Stubbs
Dear Mrs. Jacobs
      I would like to thank you for being a really great teacher and a really good person. I've had you since 1st grade until all the way up to 8th grade. I have some pretty good memories in your class like when we were in 4th grade and you spilled the coffee on the brand new carpet in the elementary. I also would like to thank you for teaching me how to read even though i hate to read now. I also liked how you had a good since of humor and always like to laugh.

Dear Mrs. Froeliger
      I Know I always made fun of your age in fact I still do, but doesn't change the fact that you are a good teacher and a nice lady. know matter how old you get. I would like to thank you for all of the homework that you helped me with in study hall. and for letting me beat you in a race during Isat week even though i can clearly beet you now. well i miss you and Mrs. Jacob

Matt McManus

Always Room For Improvement.

               Dear Mr. Neuherz,

Thank you for all the help you have gave me in art class.  I wouldn't have near the art skills I do today without your help. Believe it or not but the criticism you give my art only motivates me to do better. Thank you for giving me the push to do my best at art, and I can only hope to do better with your help. You also teach a very good lesson about talking behind others backs or talking about them period. But most of all thank you for showing me that there is always room for improvement and that you can always do better if you try harder.
                                                                                                          Sincerely, Danny Mask

Thank You Teachers

Dear Mrs Vincent,

Thank you for helping me with my reading skills if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be able to read very well. I remember doing all those fun activities and the games we played. It was the best class I have had :) I remember reading Alice and Wonderland on the Ipods. That was a blast.

Dear Mrs Wiersema,

Thank you for teaching me how to write a wonderful essay. If I never had you as a teacher I wouldn't be able to write such a good essay. And thank you for giving us Dumb- Dumb suckers they were really good:) 

Dear Mr. Lindsey,

Thank you for being such a great gym teacher. I always loved coming to gym class learning all the new games and my two favorite games were popcorn and blob tag. I remember how you always had those gummy bears in you office and share them with us, and how you have us those trivia questions and gave us prizes.

Laura Lauritzen 

Thank you Mr. Orman and Mr. Winckler

Thank  you  Mr. Orman and Mr. Winckler for always being here for me and thank you so much for putting up with me all these year. Thanks for giving me a chances to play our your team and i can't wait for my Junior year to play for you and to learn from you and to get better. I Really am Thankful for having you two in my life. Thanks.

Sincerely, Christian C.

Teacher Letter

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,

        I really did enjoy your class. It was always interesting, and those five minute mysteries you offered every once in awhile were fun to solve. The novels and short stories that we read in your class were always interesting also. Also you let us read Percy Jackson: and the lightning thief as a in-class read. When you announced that we would be reading that book I almost jumped for joy out of my seat. Everyone needs and should read that book and series. But overall, you were a really great teacher. You took your time to explain and helped each of us out when we needed it. I hope you have a happy retirement by the way. Drink lots of coffee (:

                                                                                    Noah Edgcomb

Thank You Teachers

Dear Mr. Nueherz,
   Thank you so much for being a great teacher. If it weren't for you, when you use to be in middle school, I probably wouldn't have anything to do with art. I love the new things i get to try out. And if I made a mistake you always believed I could fix it. You are very supportive, just wish some people would listen and respect you more.

Dear Mrs. Vincent,
  Thank you for helping me out with reading in middle school. I can still remember all the fun activities we use to do in your class. I remember the bean chairs and reading Alice In Wonderland on the Ipods. You actually did help me a lot with my reading skill. I'm not expert, but I am better than I was before your class.

Dear Ms. Dillman,
  Thank you for being such a great role-model and such a great teacher. You brought the best out of me in choir. If I wasn't in your class, every day would be a bad day. But when I walk into that class room I see all these friendly faces. Everyone is like a family in there. I love how we can all be silly, and laugh about it at the end (:  Thank you so much for everything.

Courtney DeWitt

Thanks Mr. Klauer

Dear Mr. Klauer,

I will never forget the great times we had during my Middle School career. You were a huge influence on me, and were probably one of my favorite teachers of all time. Not only did we have fun during class, but also during sports, and eighth hour when Kenneth and I went up to wash the wrestling mats about 4 times a week. I hope that we'll see each other more before I graduate, because these past two years have gone by way to fast. So enjoy the rest of your years teaching, and good luck getting your doctorate(;

Jace Bright

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Mr. A.

     I don't remember how nor why i ended up in your elementary classroom after school, along with the other children who were of similar mind but, I'm glad it happened. I remember the respect that was given to me, new and addictive i craved more of it, and learned to respect you the same. I remember the freedom you gave me, the freedom to speak my thoughts no matter how aimless they seemed, they were important to me. I remember the way you saw us all, not as nuisances or delinquents but as untapped potential with a bright future. I am very grateful for all of this, you instilled in me values and traits that i can dip into at anytime, even though i often choose not to. I won't forget you and i will always look upon my memories of our little afters school group fondly.

                                                                                                                      Zachary P. Howard

Thank You Mr. Kampe!

Dear Mr. Kampe,
  Hey there, Mr. Kampe! This is Abby McWilliams, I'm so sad to hear you are retiring this year. You are one of my favorite teachers from elementary, middle, and even high school now. I never really appreciated history until you were my teacher because I didn't think history could even be interesting. You made history really fun when you told stories about your past and it made me realize that the things we always read about actually affected some people. I never realized how I would actually use what you taught me in real life and I still haven't completely figure it out, but what I do know is that life is full of memories and that's all that matters. Your class gave me lots of memories I will never forget and that is why you are one of my favorite teachers.

Thanks Mr. Temple(:

Dear Mr. Temple,
Thank you for all that you have done for me, like being a great teacher and coach. In 5th grade you were my favorite teacher, you taught me how much science could be. You let us do some weird but fun experiments like the dissecting the cow eye and when you cut open the lamb's brain and you let us touch it and it was all squishy. As a coach you were my favorite one of all time. You taught us that in basketball it's not all about winning it's about having fun while you still can, but it kind of helped that we won. You also gave us another perspective of the game, a perspective that helped my through the next 3 years of basketball. Lastly, thank you for letting me come in last year and run with you guys to help me get in shape for basketball season, it helped a lot. Thanks again!

Lexi FlominG

Thank you, Mrs. Wiersema.

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,
  I would like to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the Dum Dums. They were pretty good. I would also like to thank you for introducing me to The Hunger Games trilogy. The trilogy has become one of my favorite series of books ever. I am also grateful for you introducing me to The Kane Chronicles. That series is one of my favorites too. Thank you for deciding to let us read The Lightning Thief in reading class. I thought that was a very good book and the movie didn't even come close. I have twenty-seven words left for full credit, and I don't think it's possible to convey all of my gratitude within the remaining six words, but thank you for everything.

Matthew Mallary

Teacher Appreciation Week; Mr. Winckler

Dear Mr. Winckler,
   Thank you so much for helping me through my freshman year! I don't have any idea what I would do with out having someone help me will every problem I had! I can't thank you enough for everything! You give the best advise in the whole entire world! It didn't matter what my problem was, you always helped me through it! You were there when I was loosing my best friend, to when I just had any problems. It means a whole bunch! Also, thank you for letting me babysit my favorite kids in the entire world! I honestly can say, I would not of made it through my freshman year without having someone help me through it! Thanks to you, I can now finnish my high school career with a great attitude, and strong! By the way, your the best gym teacher ever! 
From your favorite person ever, Bailee! :)

Thank youuu!!!(:

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,
    Since this is teacher appreciation week, I would like to personally thank you for being a wonderful teacher. Throughout my middle school experience, I learned so much from being in your classes. We were one of the last classes to have you as our student council leader and you're one of the reasons why I'm still in it now. I absolutely loved having you as an English teacher because you showed me how much I liked to write. Some of my favorite papers I got to write were in your class. Now that we don't have an actual Reading class I realize how much I miss it. We read some really good books in your class and now I barely have time to anymore:( Actually most of my middle school memories are from your class because I'm pretty sure my eighth grade year I had you for four out of our nine classes. I still remember the coffee smell your room had whenever I walked in and how we convinced you to give us dum-dums pretty much everyday. (:

Mr. Temple !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all these fun times we had. Thanks for the great times we had in science class. Thanks for helping me get throw middle school. Thank you for teaching the true value of basketball and that is to have fun and always try your best. Thanks for believing in me and for always putting up with me. Thank you for showing me how to love Illinois more that what i did. Thank you for always teaching me to love school and to love basketball more. Thank You for always having a impact on my live and thank you for showing me how to be a bigger person and to stand up for my self. So thank you so much for all you did for me . Thank you from the bottom of my heart i thank you so much and thank you for being my friend throwout middle school and for being there when i needed someone to talk to. If i need someone to talk to you wear always there for me and thank you for always being there for me when i needed to talk to you about my mom so thanks again:).

Sincerely your friend,
Christian C.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Dear Mrs. Miner,
  I remember way back in kindergarden, you taught me how to tie my shoes.  Almost every day for eleven years I have applied this in my everyday life and for that I am thankful. I don't remember how you taught me, but I remember how proud I was of myself when I learned and I bragged about it for weeks to my parents. If you had not taught me I would still be stuck in the embarrassing, light-up, velcro shoes. I'm not sure even they even make my size.  Thanks to you I will be able to wear normal shoes for the rest of my life, and teach my own kids how to tie their shoes as well. Thank you very much Mrs. Miner!
Sincerely, Sarah Stover

Dear Mr.Kampe

Dear Mr.Kampe,

You are the coolest Reading and History teacher ever. You can connect any story to a life experience of yours, plus you didn't give out detentions. The stories are amazing and I can honestly say that I miss your class.
The few stories you told that I remember most are the kid and the cat (I don't remember all of it but the main parts), you building a cannon and over shooting it, your bow and arrow experience.

Sincerely, Shawn Schwenneker
P.S. I'm still extremely sorry about my act of terrorism in class launching a pen at you.

Thank your Mr. Kampe

Dear Mr. Kampe,

You were a large influence on me during my middle school years to start reading more. I never really liked it, but when I was in your reading class I started loving books like where the red fern grows, and old yeller. Along with that I used to really enjoy your stories about the crazy kid that tried to kill you, and when you tried to make your homemade cannon. Your classes were always a blast, and I still have great memories with you and my friends. Thank you for being an amazing teacher, and enjoy the next years of your life in retirement.

Jace Bright

Thank you Mrs. Wiersema

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,
              Thank you for helping me greater increase my reading skills, my writing skills, and my vocabulary.  Still to this day I remember how mundane I thought the vocab was.  I remember how you used to give us dumb-dumb suckers all the time.  Those were the good days weren't they?  Also, I want to thank you for helping me pick out good books to read.  My favorites being The Hunger Games series, and the Percy Jackson series.  Sorry that I drove you crazy for those two years, bugged you like no other student has, hid you coffee every day, and made you pick me out books.  However I think we all can agree I was your favorite student. One last time, thank you Mrs. Wiersema.
PS: please don't correct all of my errors in this. ;)

Thank you Ms. D

Dear Ms. Dillman :D,
Thank you for everything that you've taught me. I needed a little bit of confidence in my life. I always had needed a bit of music in my life. (Especially singing...who knew i wasn't tone deaf in 7th grade).
Sincerely, me. :)
PS. I am a taco.

mr. linsdey

I would like to thank the best gym teacher mr linsdey. i loved climbing the rope and the spider web. I see you just about everyday after school and plan on keeping it that way till i graduate.

Teacher Appreciation Week.(:

Dear Mrs. Livengood,
    First of all, thank you for being an amazing teacher! Also, thank you for actually making math class fun! :) I actually look forward to math class this year. Especially our class, our class always has so much fun! I don't think there is one day that goes by that we don't smile in that class!  Though, you do give too much homework. :) Just kidding! I hardly ever have homework in that class. . .but that's a good thing, so don't change it! By the way, I no longer enjoy your challenges anymore. :)
    Thank you for also dealing with our class and being our class sponsor! We are the best at the games and battle of the bands, and you know it! :) Although, we are going to have the best prom next year!
    Again, thank you for being such an amazing teacher and person!
    Kali :)

Thank You to Mrs.Quick(:

When Mrs. Orman said to write a thank you letter to your favorite teacher well one person came to mind.  Mrs. Quick there are a lot of reasons why I would like to thank her but if I did I would have a letter that is a mile long. So here is goes.
Dear Mrs. Quick
                 I've only had you for a year but you are my favorite teacher ever. You can be so funny but serious when you need to. You feel comfortable around us and we feel obviously feel really comfortable around you from our conversations in Child Care. I'm sorry when we're really loud but most of the time I think we're pretty good. You always seem to make me laugh in someway or another when you haven't had a bad day. But I'm sure when I say you're one of the nicest teachers in this school anyone that has ever had you as a teacher would agree with me. I can't wait to have you for my last two years of high school. 
                  So thank you Mrs. Quick for being the amazing teacher that you are. You've taught us a lot and did a great job of it. I will never forget the great teacher that you are.

Thank you Mr. Kampe!

Dear Mr. Kampe,

       Thank you for making my middle school years the best.  My favorite part of your classes were your stories! I still vividly remember you telling us about the kid who tried to kill you with as axe. Due to shorter class periods it took a few days to fully explain but you had every individual on the edge of our seats. During your history class 7th grade year I realized my love for that subject. The passion and detail you put into every chapter honestly is something I admire you for. It didn't matter if you were "chopping kids heads off in class" or bringing in your old time musket you made things interesting.
      I hope you retire knowing you impacted so many, taught thousands of lessons, and change the lives of every student that went through your door. Personally you taught me that hard work pays off, but most importantly you taught me to be more confident in myself. I remember how it didn't matter what I was stressing or nervous about (tests, track meets etc.) you would always tell me I could do it.  You made history & reading, fun, exciting, and alive. Looking back I noticed your classes were the only ones I couldn't wait for. I still have my certificate for "getting to class before Hunter".
      Thank you for making a difference with your ideas and words. Honestly I wish every teacher could be like you! My hopes are that you enjoy your much earned retirement.

Sincerely, Katie Eastburn

Thank You Mrs. Wiersema

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,
         If I had to pick a favorite teacher, I would say that I don't pick favorites. But if someone really tried to shake it out of me I would maybe say Mrs. Wiersema. I'm not sure. So I guess I will say thank you to you because I have to for class. You weren't a bad teacher. I mean you gave us dum-dums, and that is cool. I am expecting a lot of kids just to do generic and cheesy writings with these posts. Well I am not generic, so from now on I'm going to make mine rhyme! Mrs. Wiersema, I'm not going to lie, it saddens me when you say bye. Because you're class was better than good, better than most kids will every understood. I realize that 'understood' was bad grammar, kitty cats hiss and purr. So without further ado I will say my thank you's, without you I would have never been afraid to fall and get a bruise. No Mrs. Wiersema means a immediate bad time, aren't you impressed that I got this to rhyme. And last without least don't take this post too serious, without me you're days were just humorless. Oh and before I forget, by the way, loved the one paragraph essays. Mrs. Wiersema you are the best, if I was fortunate to find a treasure chest. I would give you some of the riches, and if you want some of the fishes. I am assuming that the chest was in the ocean, hopefully you like this rhyme/poem!


Brody You'refavoritestudent Rickels

Thank you Mrs. Orman.

Dear Mrs. Orman,
Today we’re writing for Teachers Appreciation Week. So I’m righting about you and the class I have had with you.
This class is one of the only classes I enjoy while I’m at school. This class has been loads of fun. We’ve read now one of my favorite books. The Hunger Games. I read the whole series in one weekend. I wish you could be our English teacher for next year, but than the Freshman wouldn’t be able to have you as an English teacher. 
When I come into your room the Stress of other classes, and the thought of hard homework in Science, Math or any other classes goes away for that brief 46 minutes of class. I will miss being in this class. 
I have been in this class all year and it seems like its only been a Quarter of the year. This will probably be the class I remember the most when I’m older I hope I never forget this class.

Thank you Mr. Froeliger.

Dear Mr.Froeliger,
I selected you for Teacher Appreciation Week. I chose you because you taught my favorite class, and you were my homeroom teacher, I enjoyed being in your class and liked the way you taught history class. I wasn’t really interested in any history until I went through your class and it clicked that I enjoyed learning about history. I liked being able to take a class that I understood and could get good grades on my tests. I always enjoyed walking into your classes at the end of the day.

  Hunter Graham

Dear Mr. Kampe

Dear Mr. Kampe,
Thank you for being such a great teacher from now until the past. I'm saddened that you are retiring because you are one of the best teachers that I have ever had. I had loved all of your story's that you told, and I know that my brother's (Jesse & Justice) have enjoyed them too! I love coming home to my brother saying, "guess what story Mr. Kampe told us today!?!". Although it's sad that this is your last year teaching, I'm happy that you are retiring! I think that it is a well deserved accomplishment. Once again thank you for being such a great teacher, and I hope that you have a happy retirement!

Kenneth Cole

Dear Mrs. Bartcher,
Thank you so much for everything that you did. You listened when i had something to say and you taut a lot. My ABC's and my numbers. When I got in my fight with Sarah Hoffstetter, and I bit her, you told me I should have used my mouth.(EVEN THOUGH I DID!!) You had my little brother too. He loves you just as much as I do! You taut me how to draw, and i love art now, because of you! You taut me how to tie my shoes, and so many other things. I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me, and that I really hope you're doing okay!