Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank you Mrs. Wiersema

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,
              Thank you for helping me greater increase my reading skills, my writing skills, and my vocabulary.  Still to this day I remember how mundane I thought the vocab was.  I remember how you used to give us dumb-dumb suckers all the time.  Those were the good days weren't they?  Also, I want to thank you for helping me pick out good books to read.  My favorites being The Hunger Games series, and the Percy Jackson series.  Sorry that I drove you crazy for those two years, bugged you like no other student has, hid you coffee every day, and made you pick me out books.  However I think we all can agree I was your favorite student. One last time, thank you Mrs. Wiersema.
PS: please don't correct all of my errors in this. ;)

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