Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Post

Dear Mrs. Epperly,

You were my very first teacher in Erie. I came to Erie in third grade all the way from sterling. I was quite nervous and I remember on my first day you had me stand up tell everyone who I was and something about me. That was a little scary for me and something I wished you didn't do to me but it's okay I forgave you. The rest of third grade was definitely an adventure. I made lots of friends in your class and you taught me a lot of helpful things such as multiplication and your methods like "six times seven don't be blue, turn me over I'm forty-two." I remember always having pencils with giant erasers on them and beating on my desk like a drummer each day. Thank you for putting up with that and I recall you telling me you'd buy me a drum set. Seven years later I haven't received my drum set yet and am a little disappointed. You were a great teacher and helped me out a lot my first year and I greatly appreciate it.

Sincerely, Kyle Pannier

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