Friday, May 11, 2012

Thanks Mrs. Wiersema

Dear Mrs. Wiersema,
          It is teacher appreciation week and I would like to express my gratitude towards you. I always looked forward to your class and discovering the word of the day. I was infatuated with the smell of your room, the mixture of coffee and scented candles.  You are the reason that I enjoy reading now. I remember you got me hooked on The Lighting Thief series and The Hunger Games. I am so appreciative because I have gotten lost in so many great books, like The Help
          One of my favorite memories of your class was when we read those plays out loud and everyone had a different voice for their character. Especially the Frankin Stein play, I cried I was laughing so hard.  Normally when a teacher ensigns an essay, the usual response is a chorus of  "aw mans" or "ugh", but your essays were exciting and fun. Writing a paper about ancestry or the stranger than fiction was like setting out imagination loose. Another thing I loved about English class was making the commercials. I had a blast making my commercial as well as helping my friends make theirs.  I know the Erie Middle school will miss you when you retire almost as much as I will. Thanks for being the epitome of English teachers. 
Best wishes,

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