Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week.(:

Dear Mrs. Livengood,
    First of all, thank you for being an amazing teacher! Also, thank you for actually making math class fun! :) I actually look forward to math class this year. Especially our class, our class always has so much fun! I don't think there is one day that goes by that we don't smile in that class!  Though, you do give too much homework. :) Just kidding! I hardly ever have homework in that class. . .but that's a good thing, so don't change it! By the way, I no longer enjoy your challenges anymore. :)
    Thank you for also dealing with our class and being our class sponsor! We are the best at the games and battle of the bands, and you know it! :) Although, we are going to have the best prom next year!
    Again, thank you for being such an amazing teacher and person!
    Kali :)

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