Thursday, May 24, 2012

Letter to teachers.

Dear past/present teachers,
      Any teachers brought up in the following letter, I have the utmost respect for. Even though I may have some smart comments that may come off as disrespectful, I truely thank every single teacher for what they've done.
Miss Gates,
 Sorry for the whole, "not going to study hall" thing, it was nothing personal, I just wasn't a fan of study hall, that's it. I appreciated MythBusters though.

Mr. E,
You were the only reason I first cared about science, your teaching methods were unorthodox, but that's what made me half-way interested in science.

Mr. Hoese,
Thank you for teaching me to pretend to be interested. It is a trait that I've used for many many months, really helped me the rest of the way during Mr. E's class.

Mr. Coit,
Hey, thanks for not getting too mad when I made the choice to go ahead and do nothing during PE.

Mr. Howell,
The fact that you haven't strangled me is something I cannot wrap my head around. I have an extreme amount of respect for you and what you put up with as a teacher.

Any teacher I have not mentioned, don't worry, I didn't make a sarcastic letter to you, not because I don't like you or forgot, it's most likely I'm too afraid to write one.
          - Gage E.

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