Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I disliked that movie

I was severely disappointed at The Hunger Games movie. There were too many inconsistencies with the book. For example, District 11 never sent Katniss bread. Thresh had no way of knowing if Katniss was Rue's ally because he never asked her. In the book, Thresh almost kills Katniss but he let her go because he found out that she and Rue were allies. In the movie, all he said was, "This time, 12." The whole movie was rushed through and it was too short. They took out all the little details that were important to the story. I also noticed at least three references to Catching Fire that were not in the book at all. I am glad that Gary Ross isn't coming back to direct Catching Fire or Mockingjay because then they actually have a chance to be better than the Hunger Games.

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