Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank you Mrs. Orman.

Dear Mrs. Orman,
Today we’re writing for Teachers Appreciation Week. So I’m righting about you and the class I have had with you.
This class is one of the only classes I enjoy while I’m at school. This class has been loads of fun. We’ve read now one of my favorite books. The Hunger Games. I read the whole series in one weekend. I wish you could be our English teacher for next year, but than the Freshman wouldn’t be able to have you as an English teacher. 
When I come into your room the Stress of other classes, and the thought of hard homework in Science, Math or any other classes goes away for that brief 46 minutes of class. I will miss being in this class. 
I have been in this class all year and it seems like its only been a Quarter of the year. This will probably be the class I remember the most when I’m older I hope I never forget this class.

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