Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You Teachers

Dear Mrs Vincent,

Thank you for helping me with my reading skills if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be able to read very well. I remember doing all those fun activities and the games we played. It was the best class I have had :) I remember reading Alice and Wonderland on the Ipods. That was a blast.

Dear Mrs Wiersema,

Thank you for teaching me how to write a wonderful essay. If I never had you as a teacher I wouldn't be able to write such a good essay. And thank you for giving us Dumb- Dumb suckers they were really good:) 

Dear Mr. Lindsey,

Thank you for being such a great gym teacher. I always loved coming to gym class learning all the new games and my two favorite games were popcorn and blob tag. I remember how you always had those gummy bears in you office and share them with us, and how you have us those trivia questions and gave us prizes.

Laura Lauritzen 

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