Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank you Mr. Kampe!

Dear Mr. Kampe,

       Thank you for making my middle school years the best.  My favorite part of your classes were your stories! I still vividly remember you telling us about the kid who tried to kill you with as axe. Due to shorter class periods it took a few days to fully explain but you had every individual on the edge of our seats. During your history class 7th grade year I realized my love for that subject. The passion and detail you put into every chapter honestly is something I admire you for. It didn't matter if you were "chopping kids heads off in class" or bringing in your old time musket you made things interesting.
      I hope you retire knowing you impacted so many, taught thousands of lessons, and change the lives of every student that went through your door. Personally you taught me that hard work pays off, but most importantly you taught me to be more confident in myself. I remember how it didn't matter what I was stressing or nervous about (tests, track meets etc.) you would always tell me I could do it.  You made history & reading, fun, exciting, and alive. Looking back I noticed your classes were the only ones I couldn't wait for. I still have my certificate for "getting to class before Hunter".
      Thank you for making a difference with your ideas and words. Honestly I wish every teacher could be like you! My hopes are that you enjoy your much earned retirement.

Sincerely, Katie Eastburn

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