Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hunger Games

I personally loved the Hunger Games movie! It started off great and then was chilling watching her take her sisters place in the hunger games, and when Gale went to see her was sad. Peeta was trying to be as nice as he could to her because he loved her and she was being rude, considering he saved her life.  In the arena was weird because they didn't have her almost die from de-hydration, they didn't have the closeness between Rue and Katniss to make it sad when Rue died so I didn't even cry. The mutts were CREEPY looking AND THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO CHASE CATO! NOT KATNISS AND PEETA FIRST!!!! AND IT DIDNT END THAT FAST AND YOU COULDN'T HEAR WHAT CATO WAS SAYING!!!!!!!!

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