Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thank You to Mrs.Quick(:

When Mrs. Orman said to write a thank you letter to your favorite teacher well one person came to mind.  Mrs. Quick there are a lot of reasons why I would like to thank her but if I did I would have a letter that is a mile long. So here is goes.
Dear Mrs. Quick
                 I've only had you for a year but you are my favorite teacher ever. You can be so funny but serious when you need to. You feel comfortable around us and we feel obviously feel really comfortable around you from our conversations in Child Care. I'm sorry when we're really loud but most of the time I think we're pretty good. You always seem to make me laugh in someway or another when you haven't had a bad day. But I'm sure when I say you're one of the nicest teachers in this school anyone that has ever had you as a teacher would agree with me. I can't wait to have you for my last two years of high school. 
                  So thank you Mrs. Quick for being the amazing teacher that you are. You've taught us a lot and did a great job of it. I will never forget the great teacher that you are.

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