Monday, April 30, 2012

Hunger Games Movie

I think that the Hunger Games Movie was awesome. The only flaw in my opinion is that they didn't play up the romance between Katniss and Peeta. I was also disappointed in Katniss's dress for her interview with Caesar. I expected it to be so much better. All in all I enjoyed the movie.

The Hunger Games

To me, The Hunger Games was very disappointing. Although it's really hard to fit all the details of a book into a movie, I thought that they could have done a better job. I loved the books sooo much that the movie was just not good. The only thing I liked from the movie was that they really explained how the Gamemakers did everything in the arena. I thought that was very cool.

The games of which played by hunger.

I thought The Hunger Games was really good even tho I never read the book.. yet. Which now makes me want to read it, can't wait for the sequel! My favorite part was when Rue died, not because she died of course, but because Katniss is a bamf and killed Cato right after.
Friday our English Class went to see The Hunger Games and it was cool. I hated how they left out Madge in the movie i thought that was a big part in the movie but other then that I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunger games movie

I Thought that the movie was good. But it was way different from the book itself. I thought it was cool when the dog jumped out. I don't think there was a single person that didn't jump during the movie. I loved how the arena was just a big animation and that they could put thing in the arena through just a hologram remote control

The hunger Games movie

I really enjoyed the movie but its not as good as the book. They left out a lot of details and it was rushed at the end.

Prom 2013

I can't wait until April 27, 2013.  You ask why?  This is because this is the date of prom and our prom is going to be held at Modern Woodmen Park.  They also have a game that night, and since it is a saturday game their are fireworks after the game.  It will take place on the Sky Deck which has almost all glass walls.  Also, pictures will be taken with the Lighted up bridge in the background.  It is going to be so much fun.

Hunger Games Trip:)

Hunger Games, The movie with it being the second time watching it I was expecting almost everything. With the dogs and the wasps so i didnt really jump. It was exciting to see everyones reactions. all in all it was just as good as the first time watching it:) After the movie, Everyone went over to the mall which was fun:)

My thoughts

My thoughts on The Hunger Games was that the book was much better; but with most books turned into movies, the book is better. I thought that The Hunger Games was one of my favorite books turned into a movie because they got a lot of the main plot in. (UNLIKE THE LIGHTNING THIEF WHERE THEY LEFT OUT AN ENTIRE CHARACTER AND RUINED THE CHANCES FOR ANOTHER MOVIE) They could have included a lot more info, and a few scenes such as: Haymich falling off the stage, Clove killed with a rock, The dogs eyes, Peeta's leg

The Hunger Games

The movie was pretty good. Of coarse the book was better. They left out a lot of details. But when the dog jumped out, I saw it coming. I almost jumped out of my seat.

Hunger games

Movie is awesome. Nuff said :)

A Night in Paris(:

Over the weekend I got the chance to experience my very first prom and what can I say, it's exactly what everyone dreams of. Even though it took all day to get completely ready, it was totally worth it. Grand march was great, our limo was nice, the food was good, and the dance looked beautiful. After prom was even pretty decent. After a while I got tired of the games but then the hypnotist came and made up for it. I was so tired when I went home but I wouldn't have changed anything about it. (:


The Hunger Games movie gave me two impressions...

Impression one: "This is not like the book. I disagree!"
   That's because I forgot to watch the movie as a movie, not a companion to the book. This, of course, happens a lot when they put my favorite books into films.

Impression two: "FANTASTIC!"
   This impression is the one I got when I remembered to watch the movie as a movie, not judging it as compared to the book. And of course, Suzanne Collins may butcher her book as she pleases, and I still want to see the movie again.
Here's just a few of the main differences:

Effie's hair. It isn't very pink.. and it changes colours with her outfit.

Caesar Flickerman's face- it wasn't freaky and white..

District 12 Peacekeepers- They were all forceful and violent.

Bread scene- They are sixteen there, with the memory so close, it would be more embarrassing than anything, being choose like that. And they don't look at it that way.

Peeta's leg- Yeah. It didn't happen.

All together now, nice job! Believe me, it could have been worse. I liked it.

The Hunger Games movie

I really liked the Hunger Games movie, it was really good! The book was better in my opinion, but I always like the books better than the movies. I was looking forward to seeing the tracker jackers and I thought they would of been bigger but I still thought it was good. Katniss's dress on fire didn't have that much fire, which I thought could of been better. When the dogs came out in the end, I jumped so high. Overall, I thought it was really good and I would like to go see it again.

"Hunger Games" -- Movie

I thought that this movie was very good! It was definitely worth waiting until the class went as a whole. My favorite part was how when she was moving her cloths caught on fire. The only thing that I didn't like about the movie was how it didn't show every detail that was in the book. But, that's natural. All in all, I think that is was a good movie.

†Hunger Games Movie†

This movie was VERY disappointing. The Movie followed the book but only have like 1/4th of the book in the Movie. It was not worth going to, and paying $9.00 to sit there and watch a movie that cut out almost everything. I would have rather been in class. Any class with Tests it would be 100% more fun than watching that movie. I hope they make the 2nd and 3rd movies better. If not than whoever wrote this book needs to stop writing. 

Hunger Games Movie

I liked the movie a lot and I thought it followed the book very well. My favorite scene was the one where Rue died, even though it was sad. Haymitch was exactly how I pictured he would be, and so was Prim. I thought the ending was very good, and I will definately want to see the other movies, if and when they come out.

HG movie

I was a little disapointed in the movie because it left out some of the book and some of the scenes in the movie, I thought they were going to be different.


My impression of to kill a mockingbird as of right now doesn't really make since to me. Keeping a kid in a house for 15 years is absolutely crazy.

The Hunger Games Movie

I really enjoyed the movie. I always jump at things even if their not scary. But when the dogs jumped out I think I jumped like 6 feet in the air!

hunger games movie

It was really good. Somethings were different from the book but I thought it was still good.
I thought that the movie was really good, but it skipped a lot of information. Like once it got to where she found Peeta they skipped a lot.

Hunger Games movie(:

First Viewing:
The first time I saw the Hunger Games, I was very disappointed with the amount of character development that was ignored, and the scenes left out.

Second Viewing:
With repeated viewing, I became more open minded to the changes to the story line, and I enjoyed it much more than I did the first viewing. 

hunger games movie

My favorite  part of the movie was when  katniss and peeta had found each other  and the way that peeta disguised himself in the mud and rocks.
If i was  to choose the movie  i would choose the book because  it  has a lot more detail and you can picture  more things  in your mind.

The Hunger Games Movie

Whether we would like to admit it or not, the majority of the time a novel is much better then the movie. In the case of the Hunger Games this fact is very true. I adored the cast, and hold them all in deepest respect for attempting to make this beloved book come alive. As for inaccuracies/flaws: Katniss received the mockingjay pin from Madge not from a shop in town,  and Katniss & Rue had a more in depth relationship, which Hollywood failed to portray. Overall, the movie was decent it just didn't follow the book as well as many would have liked. If I had to rate it out of 10 points I would give it a five and a half.

Friday, April 27, 2012


Last summer was really fun but I can not wait for next summer and I hope it will be my favorite summer yet. Last summer I was stuck at home unless I could catch a ride somewhere but this year both me and Matt will have our licensees and we will be able to go most anywhere we want. Mostly I will be hanging out with friends and going places. I'm hoping to spend most of this summer away from home unlike last year.

First Impressions

I'm not sure how I feel about this book yet. My first impression on Scout is that she likes to follow around her older brother Jem. She seems like a stubborn kid. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this book. I've heard good things about it!

Class Olympics

On wednesday was class olympics. I had been super excited about it all week and couldn't wait to wear all my pink. Class of 2014 definitely dressed up the best and had the best class spirit in my opinion. Even though we lost it was still fun. My favorite thing to watch was Jace Bright in his tutu singing twinkle twinkle little star. That is something I will never forget.


Summer this year is gonna be the best one yet. Me and Adam will both have our license's so we will get to do whatever we want... As long as we have the gas money that is. I'm gonna be makin road trips 24/7 over summer!(: Well thats gonna be summer I guess.... Goodbye.

Summer at the Hayes'

Last summer While Matt and Adams parents went to Canada last summer Me, Owen, Matt, Adam, Michael, and Jaquet decided to trash their house, and make Adam clean it all up :). we had some good times, we made bombs, threw flower all over the house, and Adam, Michael, And owen shot us with BB guns it was a great time, and i hope to be able to do it again

Spoiler Alert! The Hunger Games: The Movie

    For the love of the Hunger Games. I loved the movie, but I might be biased because I just love The Hunger Games in general. :) I thought for the most part it followed the book, except for a few scenes. I loved the scene with Rue. I absolutely loved it. They portrayed it very well. I thought almost all of the characters were picked well.
   There were only a few things I didn't like. I didn't like how they took out the whole thing with Madge. I also didn't like how they made the scene with Peeta and Katniss where Cladius announces that the previous rule change was no longer in effect. I also didn't imagine Effie how she was in the movie.

                                                                                                                         ✌ ♥☺--
                                                             Mackenzie (:

The Hunger Games Movie

For the most part, I really liked the movie. I think most of the movie was pretty accurate, although there were some inaccuracies. There were some scenes that they skipped that they definitely shouldn't have. I also think there were also a couple spots that they rushed too much. So there were a few bad things, but I still really enjoyed the movie!

To Kill a Mockingbird First Impressions...

Students who are not attending the "Hunger Games" field trip today can write a post about their first impression of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird based on chapters 1-2.

What do you think of Scout? Do you think they'll get Boo to come out of the house? Why did Jem follow through on the dare? Do you like the book so far?

No spoilers, please!