Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next days resolution of the dead poets

Oh Captain my Captain, As the men stand on their desks, Standing for what they believe in, Standing for what is right. Mr. Keating overwhelmed with emotion. They then throw their text books at the administrator's feet and begin to protest to get Mr. Keating back. As he still doesn't listen, and still believes that Mr.Keating didn't teach the students anything with his unusual teaching methods and should be banished and blamed for everything that has happened. The students one by one start naming off poets, everything they know and learned from Mr. Keating. While standing their baffled, speechless. He just looks at them standing motionless like a statue. As the awkward silence drew on the administrator dismissed the class quickly but asked to speak to Mr. Keating alone. Next day came to a beginning, dreading for their class without their captain. They piled into class not knowing what to expect. So far the classroom was teacherless, 15 mins go by, 25mins.. As the dean and a few staff members scurry into the room with Mr. Keating following behind. The students become antsy to hear what there is to say. All in all Mr. Keating was able to teach again and for many years to come. And the Dead poets society lives through each of his students.

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