Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Most anticipated scene of the Hunger Games?

For me, the most anticipated scene and the scene that I most want to see are completely different.

     My most anticipated scene is Rue's death. I think that it's the first truly sad moment in the book. There are other deaths, but you aren't connected to those deaths. When Prim is picked, Katniss volunteers. When Katniss sees the Avox girl, she feels guilty, but the girl sort of becomes her friend.
     No, none of the other scenes up until this point in the book are truly sad. And I think that it will take true skill to make it right. Rue under the net, Rue with a spear in her stomach. Boy standing there, boy throwing the spear, boy dying, the first kill Katniss has made with her bare hands. Katniss covering Rue in flowers, Katniss singing the song. Katniss crying, Katniss leaving the spear in Rue's body so there's one less weapon in the arena. Katniss not being able to sleep. Katniss not being able to wake up. Katniss looking through their combined items for something to patch together. This is my most anticipated scene.
     The scene that I most want to see is when they call the names. And then after, in the room that they rode the elevator to. How Prim has to walk forward before Katniss takes her place, something kind in a place where nobody does that, even for their family. Then the kiss-salute. How every person in that crowd unified to respect the girl who took her sister's place in the death match. Then how Peeta gets called, and how Katniss reacts. What does her face really look like? How will she look at the boy with the bread? After in the room, I want to see when Madge comes in, and shows her friendship. I want to see Gale promise to take care of her family. I want to see how Katniss bullies her mother into promising to not go away again. I want to see when they take her away, to go to the train.

And I want to see all the buttons on the shower.

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