Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Which Scene in "The Hunger Games" Movie Do You Most Anticipate?

This week I asked my English II students which scene they anticipated the most in the upcoming "The Hunger Games" movie. Many of their oral responses were, "ALL of them!" But I asked them to choose just one or a few to write about and why.

There are SPOLIERS in these posts, so if you have not read the book and do not want to know what happens, don't read any further!

I decided to write about mine, though it is a tough one. I enjoyed so many parts of the book for various can I pick just one? Of course, that's exactly what I was making my students do, so I figured I better, too!

I can't wait to see how the the filmmakers portray the moment with the berries. Actually, just BEFORE the berries. I want to see Katniss's and Peeta's reaction when Claudius Templesmith announces the second rule change. Will Peeta automatically toss his knife in the lake, knowing he could never kill Katniss? And will Katniss instinctively draw her bow/arrow on Peeta, thinking his action was to kill her? I can't wait to see the look on their faces: the disappointment that Peeta must feel knowing Katniss still doesn't trust that he would gladly die for her, and Katniss's shame.

For me, this moment was such a telling one for the characters. In those brief seconds, we see it all. Peeta will gladly die for Katniss. And Katniss has major trust issues.

I truly hope the film honors this moment.

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