Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The End.

In writing the end, I have to start at the beginning of the end, not necessarily re-writing, just a bit of review.

As for how I stand on Nial's death, I DON'T like it. But it happened, and we're sticking to the facts as far as possible. It was his father's fault, because he didn't believe in him. YOU WILL do this and YOU WILL do that and YOU WILL be a doctor, something you aren't even relatively interested in. But it wasn't the most important part. It was the YOU WON'T that really pulled the trigger.

And of course, after his son's death, Nial's father needed someone or something to blame it on, someone not himself. He simply couldn't admit that he is wrong. His words and his force caused his son to kill himself. Thus, the inquiry on Mr. Keating. A man that told the boy what anyone else would. He told the boy to follow his dreams.

The Dead Poet's Society wasn't "bad" how we think of it. It was a decent thing.

And now onto the ending:

The Dead Poet's Society continues meeting, even in the absence of Mr. Keating, who gave it a small push, but really, it snowballed, rolling and rolling until it gets bigger and bigger and so many things really depend on it to keep rolling.

However, all the original members have quit. They voluntarily left the school, leaving it all behind. Nobody meets them anymore, any of them left alive have different names, different lives. Some of them had even ran away, to be later reported dead.

The Dead Poet's Society. Dead Poet's. Dead Poet. Dead.

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