Thursday, March 1, 2012


Dear all teachers,
     Sorry that I was such an awful kid. Sorry that you had to put up with me throughout the years. I'm just going to  name off a few to apologize too.
Dear Mrs. Mann, sorry that I never napped in your class. I must have really annoyed you. & Sorry that I bit everyone. That must have been a lot of paperwork.
Dear Mrs. Sewell, sorry that I read better than most kids and made fun of them for it. Not my fault they were dumb.
Dear Mrs. Oliver, sorry that I don't remember your class at all. I guess you didn't interest me much.
Dear 4th grade teacher.. I don't remember your name. Sorry that I stole that girls spelling words. You didn't have to paddle me though, it hurt.
Dear 5th grade teachers, Whatever, I don't even remember you. I moved twice that year so chances are, you taught me nothing and I don't really care about you.
6th grade teacher, Mrs. Holden, I tolerated you. This is the year I started to not care & not do anything & you still passed me. Thanks, I guess.
7th grade teachers. I couldn't tell you one....
8th grade, I failed 8th grade. So screw all of my teachers from then.
freshmen through junior year have been decent. So thanks for not killing me even though you want to. K bye.

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