Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top Girls in Literature

1. Cindy Lou Hoo (Dr. Suess books) - She is a boss. If I was six and I saw the Grinch I would be gone. She stared that monster in the face and she wasn't even phased.

2. Harmione Granger (Harry Potter books) - She is wizard and a muggle. I imagine that she just radiates greatness. "Hey you muggle!" People would shout. Harmione doesn't care! She just zaps them with her wand.

3. Annabeth Jackson (Percy Jackson series) - She is a pro. She told off the man, the myth, the legend himself, Percy Jackson.

4. Greasy Sae (Hunger Games Series) - She doesn't care. "Hey Greasy we only killed one wild dog today!" "I don't care children!" she would yell. "I will just throw it in this pot and sell it as 'stew'. HAHAHA!" She doesn't care. GREASY SAE = HONEY BADGER

5. Mulan (Mulan) - Mulan is a god. She is the best soldier and she is a girl.

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