Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Top 5

1. Elizabeth Holland from the Luxe Series. She was such a strong character, she always kept true to her heart and she was very selfless and kind.
2. Aibileen from The Help. Her character was so warm and neutering. She was so brave to tell her story to Ms. Skeeter and I loved reading about it.
3. Denise Holten in The Rescue. She was so comforting and strong for her boyfriend and she was a fabulous mother to her autistic son.
4. Annabeth Chase from The Percy Jackson Series. She was always there for her friends and everyone knows that her friends wouldn't be anywhere with out her.
5. Melanie Stryder from The Host. She refused to fade away and she stood strong to her love for Jared. She proves that it's unbelievable how far your heart can take you.