Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Digital Learning Day: So far, a few glitches...

Our class blogging experiment started off well first period. Until, of course, everyone tried to publish at the end of the class period. Also, many were not able to add their avatars (or any image) they created. I'm not sure if it was a Blogger issue or an issue with our own network, but the problem continued through second period today, so those students did not get to post their first blog. Ah, technology...gotta love it! Hopefully the rest of the day will run a little smoother.
And to any students reading this: Don't forget you have the option to edit your post if you notice errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.. Reading it out loud before you publish helps. :)
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  1. Are we getting graded on grammar in our blog posts?

  2. Yes, which is why I emphasized in the guidelines to re-read, have a friend check it over, etc. before you publish. But you can go back and edit them.


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