Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's day is a corporate fueled holiday that is extremely successful. Creating a day about love and passion, both of which make people happy, and involving spending money is a sure-fire success. This year people are projected to buy 8% more money than they did last year.
I'm not a fan of the fact that this holiday is a wonderful example of capitalistic control. Why should someone who you love and they supposedly love you back need an object as proof of the veracity of your emotion. It's a ridiculous concept, so why does it flourish?
The fact of the matter is people love getting stuff and they love getting stuff that makes them feel important. Anyone who receives a gift usually appreciates it, and this is no different. My only other problem with it is the fact that an object symbolizes your love. When a flower is all your love is worth, good luck with the rest of your relationship.