Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello fellow bloggers my name is Koby.  I am a sophomore and love hunting, fishing, and sports such as golf, basketball, and baseball.  This hunting season I was able to shoot two deer (one buck and one doe) with a bow.  These were the first deer I have ever shot.  I also bought a 12 gauge shotgun this year, the hunting season is over now so I am getting ready for next year.  On the topic of fishing two of my friends and I bought a flat bottom 14 ft. boat.  We caught a lot of fish over the summer, the biggest one being 12 pounds.  Golf went good this year, my team defeat Fulton who was on a 68 round win streak.  Basketball season is just finishing up and it has been a tough year.  Two of our starters have gotten hurt, one torn his ACL and meniscus and the other his meniscus.  Baseball season is just around corner and I will let you know how that goes.  That's all for now, goodbye fellow bloggers.

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