Monday, February 13, 2012

Everyone either Loves valentines day or Hates it. I suppose its sweet to have someone make you feel special, beautiful and loved, but it doesnt matter what it is, they don't need to spend their money on something like chocolates, flowers or expensive jewlery. It's just Heart warming to have someone you care about tell you with all their heart how much they care for you and if your single it shouldn't be a day of sorrow of being alone, because you aren't alone valentines day isn't just for couples, it can be with friends just showing how much your friendship means to them or with anyone in your life. But I just feel there shouldn't be just one day to show that special someone how much you care it should be continuously and we shouldn't just assumed that, that someone will buy something expense(they shouldnt be trying to buy our love). Yes it's romantic and my heart would melt if I had someone do something creative and unique to show how much I mean to them with flowers or something but I dont expect anything like that to happen. So yes I like valentines day, but its normally just another day. <3