Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   Hey, my name is Kali. I am a fifteen year old, and a sophomore at EHS.  I am a huge movie person. I love days when I can just lay around all day and watch movies. I am also a hunter. I love going hunting with my family. Even though I haven't got anything's still a lot of fun to go sit out in a tree stand and listen to all the birds and other animals. During deer season all of our family and friends hang out at my grandma and grandpa's also known as the "The Ranch". I am definitely an outdoor person. I love to go hiking and hunting, and just hanging out outside. I am pretty much in love with the sport softball. You can ask any of my friends, and they will say that I spend too much time playing softball. I don't think I could ever spend enough time playing softball! Last year for my high school team I played mostly for Fresh/Soph and kind of near the end of the season I started playing for both Fresh/Soph and Varsity. Then towards the end I ended up playing just for Varsity. I also play for an ASA team, who plays year around. In the winter we don't play as many tournaments, but we usually play like 5-6 tournaments in a dome. The positions I have recently been playing are pitcher and first base. I also play third and outfield. I absolutely love to bat. I have not yet hit it out of the park, but I have got ripped off of like five. So, oh well, I will get it eventually!
   "It's not how good you are, it's how bad you want it." ♥



  1. Someone's obsessed with softball :P

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    2. Yes I would have to say she does a lot with softball but if that's what she loves to do then I would have to say keep it up:)

  2. *I love to go hiking and camping." Ooops.(:


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