Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My bloggy blog.

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We are blogging, hello blogging, bloggy bloggy bloggy, look at that froggy. Thats my song about blogging. Well hello friendly world(: My name is Matt, I'm like the Honey Badger, you all know what that means. I truthfully hate the idea of blogging, it really sucks. But, I guess Ill give it a shot. My motto? YOLO, because Im crazy, and live everyday like its my last. When with my homies, I have moments that will definitely be in the motion picture entitled "The most awesomest man to ever live, ever." It will get four stars, and Ill be the main character, since its about me. I like to party. My other hobbies are fishing, baseball, doing stuff, Xbox, chillin with my homies, especially Pedro y Pedro. Thats all for today, goodbye blogging, goodbye blogging, have a bloggy day.(;
OH, and please watch my video the 75th hunger games on youtube.