Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Do you know me?

At the age of 16, Born July 6th in Isanti Minnesota. Growing up, living with my parents and two siblings (Rachel and Paul). As the youngest in the family (you could say I get spoiled). Half way through my freshman year, I moved to Missouri (Which was a bad decision) after we got back to Minnesota I stayed there my whole Sophomore year. My mother always wanted to move back to Erie to help out her parents so she thought it would be good to move in with my grandma since at that time my grandpa was in a nursing home and she was living alone. It was a new and exciting experiance much better than my last experiance of moving. Nerves were rushing through me. But as the time came I believe it was the best choice for everyone. I at least had the chance to spend time and see my grandpa before he past away on christmas (RIP Grandpa).
I love to sing, dance and take pictures. My favorite color is Purple. I also love Smiling :) . Since the move here i've joined dance, got into show choir, in the play, and I go to youth group. So thats a little recap of who I am:) <3

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